Think Like a Customer by Gary Blair

Gary_Ryan_BlairFriendliness, quality, convenience, timeliness, respect, and gratitude all count You’d think more people and companies would have gotten the message that every customer counts. It’s common sense, obvious, transparent–isn’t it? You take care of the ones who pick up the tab! Service with a Smile Back to Basics Unfortunately, organizations that put customers at the center of the action are rare. The pain and suffering to which many companies subject their customers is disgraceful. Far too often, customers are forced to deal with dispassionate employees, voice mail hell, and a begrudging attitude. They feel underwhelmed, over promised, under served, and unappreciated, which leads to a complete absence of loyalty. Way to go! Let’s face it – NO company can exist without happy customers. These are the people who pay the mortgage, put food on the table, and help put your kids through college. NULL

Loyal customers keep coming back and spending more; they become powerful advocates for your cause. Enthusiastic customers make your work fun, enjoyable and purposeful. B2B should mean “Back to Basics”–a return to business fundamentals where it’s all about the customer.

You can ONLY create lasting value for your business by creating true value for customers, and you can only achieve this by understanding what it is that customers themselves actually value. Think like a customer – walk a mile in their shoes – and you’ll see that friendliness, quality, convenience, timeliness, respect, and gratitude all count.


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Gary Blair
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