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Learn how to build a successful business from been-there, done-that experts with proven strategies and techniques that get results. This six CD audio training program also comes with a free copy of Paula’s book Owning Yourself. “Your CD’s title, ‘What You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Business” is perfectly named. It’s the best I’ve ever heard! After completing my first listen-through, I’m totally persuaded that this program is one that every single beginning network marketer (and every veteran one, as well) should listen to and use as a guide toward building their organizational empire. Everything needed to be covered is covered, and expertly at that….” — Bob Burg, author Endless Referrals A ringing endorsement that also rings true. Ms. Pritchard and Ms. Robbins— especially Paula— have been at the top of every company they’ve worked with. They walk and talk the walk and talk. And they do it with “tough love” emphasizing both words.  NULL It is tough out there, Paula acknowledges, and she and Kathy teach you how to be emotionally “bullet proof” by not only arming you with the needed skills, scripts, tips and techniques, but they spend a good amount of time in this program focusing on your dreams and attitudes. The six CD set and workbook (a small, but real deal with homework, tutorial and resources) will help you to…

  • Find out what is holding you back and what is sabotaging your success.
  • Learn little secrets that will save you time and produce results.
  • Learn the 2 necessary things you need to master to be successful in network marketing.
  • Learn key phrases and words that really work.
  • Learn valuable tips to market your product.
  • Learn how to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Receive easy to follow easy to teach scripts that have been proven over and over again to work.
  • Become a master at the invitation and an expert at recruiting.
  • Learn the secrets to creating growth in your business.
  • Understand the numbers that make it all come together.
  • Be able to teach your people a system that works.
  • Learn how to run your business properly and profitably.
  • Literally control the flow of fortunes into your bank account.

If I have only one complaint— and I do have ONLY one. It’s about some of the scripts Paula teaches. Proven… powerful… work like a charm…? Absolutely. And, they— not all, just some— have the ring of old paradigm, manipulative sales techniques. And as I said, undeniable results getters. They work and, they still bother me, because they’re such set-ups and cross the line of being authentic and genuine. My advice: Learn them, understand what makes them work, and discard them in favor of more natural, organically grown less artificial ingredients. What You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Business is all in all first-class training. If you had only one source of network marketing how and why to, principles and practicals to put to work for you and your team, this could easily be that one. It’s complete, proven and easy to follow. If I was handing out stars, I’d give it four plus a number of points. It’s one of the best I’ve heard.


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