If you Don’t Train Your Organization “Systematically” You Are Wasting Your Time by Dale Calvert

DaleCalvertNetwork Marketing is a “Leadership Development Business” It is not a get them in and cross your fingers business Imagine buying a Starbucks franchise. They hand you the keys and say go get’em, and if you need any help, just let me know. How would you feel? That is how the majority of new network marketers feel! A lot of well meaning people say things to their new team members like:

  • “If you need any help, just let me know” THEY ARE THINKING: Help? Help doing what? What am I suppose to be doing?
  • “If you would like for me to do some 3-Ways calls with you, just let me know” THEY ARE THINKING 3-Way… What?
  • “I need you to be at the Saturday morning training” THEY ATTEND, & THEN LEAVE THINKING: I just heard 4 different people talk about 4 different ways to build the business, what am I suppose to do to get started?


Just like a franchise owner, a new MLM distributor needs specific, step-by-step, congruent, systematic training.

Network marketers are notorious for trying to teach Algebra to a new distributor that doesn’t even know how to add yet! Maybe that is why many people end up leaving the industry, frustrated, confused and discouraged? There should be 4 distinct aspects of your training program. Your goal is to create a teacher/student relationship with your new team members. You give them assignments that will get their business started quickly and correctly, they complete the assignments with your direction and then are given the next “systematic step”. You are looking for people that will play ball with you. You throw the ball to them (assignment) they throw it back (assignment completed) and you throw them the ball again. It is no fun trying to play ball with somebody who won’t throw it back. When this happens, you must find somebody else to play with.

This back and forth relationship is what ultimately leads to you developing well trained distributors within your organization and ultimately how duplication occurs.

You see if I pull up to a Starbucks here in Kentucky, or Texas, New York, Florida, or anywhere else they are going to say “Welcome to Starbucks, what can I get started for you today” Do you understand how profound this is? What specifically do your new members say when they contact potential prospects? You and I both know that they could be saying anything. They are probably adlibbing and you can’t duplicate adlibbing. Does this make sense? The 4 distinct aspects of your initial training system should be:

  1. The first 48 hours. Give them specific assignments like Goals, names list, etc, and then have them contact you when this assignment is done for the next step which is
  2. Their Planning Meeting with in the first week. This is where you put a specific game plan together. It may be for them to pass out X number of the companies DVD’s, schedule an in home business reception, mail brochures to potential customers, etc.
  3. 1st Month Tell-Show-Do. Work hand in hand with the new team member to insure that they have positive results quickly and keep their emotions and attitude level.
  4. Be there for their first Slump which normally happens in the first 90 Days. See www.MLMRetention.com for more info.

Network Marketing is a “Leadership Development Business” it is not a get them in and cross your fingers business.

The leaders with the most systematic training systems which can be duplicated, ultimately win in their network marketing business.

If your focus is just on “getting them in” then change it! You must get them in and then provide systematic training programs to help them move forward and duplicate.


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