Persuasion by Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar NormanBelieve, and do the next right thing by helping your prospect get what they need to have a better life! I am a person who wants to start before the beginning. If the question is “How do I get someone to listen when I speak to them about my business or product?” I question why someone would be interested in what I have to say, and then I wonder why I’d want to say anything at all. It comes down to belief.

If I truly believe that my business or product is an opportunity for someone you can’t keep me from sharing my excitement. My belief and faith in what I am doing will automatically transfer to the person I am speaking with.

I well remember a story my father, Zig Ziglar, used to tell about a man he tried to sell a set of cookware to. This story took place back in the early 1960’s and Dad was selling in rural South Carolina. The home he was in was an old wooden farm house, complete with outhouse, front porch, the farmer, his wife and a passel of kids. NULL

Dad explained all the benefits; how much money the man would save on groceries because of reduced shrinkage of the food; how much gas or electricity he’d save because of the way the cookware conducted heat and the ability to stack the pans and use one heat source; how much more nutritious and tasty the food would be because water wasn’t necessary and the nutrients and flavor wouldn’t be boiled out and poured down the drain; how he would save money and have a healthier heart because he wouldn’t need to cook with oil. Dad’s list of benefits was astounding. Dad explained that having that beautiful set of cookware would not only increase the enjoyment of meals, save lots of money on food and power, be easier to clean than the pans the family was already using, but that it would last an entire LIFETIME. Then Dad asked the man if he’d agree that all of those benefits would be good for his family. The man started patting the upper pocket on the front of his overalls and without cracking a smile he said “In this pocket I have more than enough money to pay cash for that fancy set of cookware you’re selling. But there is nothing you can say to convince me to part with any of it. I’ve been saving money for years to build an indoor toilet and shower for my wife and I just got enough to get it done!” With that announcement, Dad thanked the man for his time and left. A few days later Dad was back in the farmer’s little town to deliver cookware he had sold and he stopped at the local diner for a cup of coffee. A patron recognized him as “that cookware salesman” and exclaimed loud enough for everyone to hear that Dad sure had made the farmer mad! He said “That man wanted to buy a set of your cookware and you wouldn’t even sell it to him!” Dad was shocked, and he learned a huge lesson. Dad had a belief problem. If Dad honestly believed what he had already told the farmer he would not have given up trying to help the man do the right thing for his family so easily. If you really believe in what you are doing, you’ll be willing to hear EVERYTHING your potential associate or customer has to say and answer ALL of their questions.

People fight for what they believe in. Teach yourself how to “listen” well enough to “hear” what your prospect is saying. When you’ve done that you’ll know their felt need and when you’ve fulfilled their felt need persuasion won’t even be necessary.

Believe, and do the next right thing by helping your prospect get what they need to have a better life!


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Julie Ziglar Norman
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