All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World by TNMM Editor

Marketing’s guru numero uno is back with yet another business best-seller. Following on the hooves of Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Godin continues down the path of “there is almost no connection between what is actually there and what we believe”, making his case that win We believe that wine tastes better in a $20 glass than a $1 glass. We believe that an $80,000 Porsche Cayenne is vastly superior to a $36,000 VW Touareg, which is virtually the same car. We believe that $225 Pumas will make our feet feel better-and look cooler-than $20 no-names… and believing it makes it true.”

Successful marketers today don’t talk about features or even benefits. Instead, they tell a story. A story we want to believe.

Seth’s latest book is about painting 3D pictures consumers want to believe, and by 3D I mean, what we Desire, Dream and think and feel we Deserve. Today’s marketing battles are not fought about what we need… only what we want. No more caveat emptor (let the buyer beware). Now it all and always caveat venditor (let the seller beware), and since we’re all sellers here, we need to beware and be aware. That’s all the reason needed to buy and read Godin’s book. Tell the story. Tell the story. Tell the story.  NULL Network marketers have been teaching and training this one since the beginning of our time. But, what story? According to Seth Godin, the one and only one is an authentic story. Prospects, consumers and customers today have no time or tolerance for anything less. And along with its authenticity, it’s got to be remarkable. If you’re a Godin fan or follower, I’m not sure you’ll find all that much new and exciting in this book. Solid Seth… on every page. Plus the twists of mind and phrase he’s famous for. If you do not yet know the divine Mr. Godin— the book will be a treat of fresh and clear air on what you must be doing to succeed in the Internet age, where all business playing fields are being leveled a-new every day. Marketers fail, Godin asserts, when they are selfish and scurrilous, when they abuse the tools of their trade and make the world worse. That’s a lesson learned the hard way by telemarketers and Marlboro. Some quotes from an Amazon reviewer: “Every consumer has a worldview that affects the product you want to sell. That worldview alters the way they interpret everything you say and do. Frame your story in terms of the worldview, and it will be heard.” (excerpted from page 60) “Humans are able to make extremely sophisticated judgments in a fraction of a second. And once they’ve drawn that conclusion, they resist changing it.” (excerpted from page 76) “Stories let us lie to ourselves. And those lies satisfy our desires. It’s the story, not the good or the service you actually sell, that pleases the customer.” (excerpted from page 84) “The only stories that work, the only stories with impact, the only stories that spread are the ‘I can’t believe that!’ stories. These are the stories that aren’t just repeated: these are the stories that demand to be repeated.” (excerpted from page 132) And isn’t that what you want— tell the story, tell the story, tell the story. Absolutely, but what’s the difference when your story is one THEY cannot help but tell others…? A powerful book for anyone who wants to create and sell things people truly want as opposed to commodities that people merely need.


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