The Irresistible OFFER by TNMM Editor

The marketing methods of the past are losing effectiveness as consumers are getting smarter and smarter and have less and less time. What is needed is a new way of doing business-a method that is simultaneously socially responsible and far more effective than “old” marketing. This new way is The Irr I’ve read every book on marketing printed in the last 150 years. This is the first breakthrough in over fifty years.” —Dr. Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor Well… Joe… I don’t know. I suppose if John Caples hadn’t released Making Ads Pay in 1957… and Trout & Ries hadn’t written Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind and Seth Godin hadn’t been born… it’d be easier for me to agree. Perhaps that quote is just an example of an irresistible offer. But hey, with $397 of free bonus audios and software coming along with the book… there’s plenty of pretty irresistible stuff all around.  NULL Somebody (Joe Vitale…?) called Mark Joyner “the Tiger Woods of Internet Marketing”, and by the numbers (hits, clicks and dollars) alone, he probably deserves the title. “The downfall,” wrote self-proclaimed internet marketing guru, Charles Ashmore on, “…he has too many plugs in his course to get more money from his buyers. I believe that marketers should recommend something that they don’t sell personally. It’s my opinion that recommending products that marketers don’t make money on gives them more credibility.” Joyner’s free ebook Search Engine Secrets has reportedly been downloaded more than a million times. Okay, enough about Mr. Joyner, how about his book? Not, I say irresistible enough… and, that said and written, it’s worth the read for any network marketer who’s intent on being at least 50 percent better at their jobs (meaning the marketing half). Good, solid, thoughtful, proven, stuff that works— the book’s full of it. From the inside jacket: The Irresistible OFFER is the offer that defines your business and becomes your raison d’être. Want an example? Domino’s Pizza grew from a single store to a $4 billion chain in large part because they gave their customers an offer they couldn’t refuse—”thirty minutes or less” or the pizza was free. The success of that offer is obvious in retrospect. But how do you design The Irresistible Offer for your own business in your own industry? This book shows you how. No, it doesn’t— well, not how enough. The book illustrates and examples, but where it fell short for me was in walking me through the construction (or de-construction) of enough irresistible offers so I could make one in my sleep. I wanted more of that chapter, MUCH more. Left me wanting more, and I’m suspicious of a world-class marketer like Joyner having the irresistible book two HOW TO… already on Wiley’s editors’ desk. (Cynic. Sorry.) One thing I really appreciated about Irresistible… was the moral and ethical stand Mark Joyner has taken in the book. Rather than manipulate your customer (who may and probably will resent it) and/or your message, Joyner is showing us how to manipulate our offer instead— so that customers find it and us truly irresistible. If you’ve got a marketing library— and if you’re a network marketer you’d better have a growing one— The Irresistible OFFER belongs on your shelf… read at least twice (even if you never listen to or use any of those $397 worth of free bonuses). — JMF


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