Two Simple Steps to Building Wealth by Michael York

Michael York(Thinking Differently and Becoming More Valuable) What do YOU THINK about money, wealth, value and a RICH LIFE? Because that’s ultimately what matters—what you THINK. And what you believe. Napoleon Hill said it all in THINK AND GROW RICH. What should you do? Dale Carnegie said it was about as simple as watching what 9 out of 10 people were doing, and “DON’T DO THAT!”

Making Money…or attracting it?

MAKING MONEY is what most people work for, say they want, and it’s the closest thing to a GOAL most individuals will ever get to in their lives. But “making money” is illegal, unless you work for the government. The MINT makes money. You and I EXCHANGE! We exchange our time, our talents, our skills, our services; SOMETHING OF VALUE, for compensation.  NULL

It’s not just about making money. In fact it’s more about MONEY-MAKING! As in, letting MONEY work for you instead of YOU working for money (what 9 out of 10 are doing right now).

Wealth is really a poorly kept secret.

Wealth is so much more than just money, but as Jim Rohn once reminded me decades ago, “money is easy to count, so it’s pretty easy to see how you’re doing in that department.” When I started my “wealth journal” years ago, here’s the short list of things I looked long and hard at:

  • MONEY (making it vs. attracting it)
  • VALUE (is it possible to become more valuable in less time)
  • LEVERAGE (tools and systems and resources that INCREASES VALUE and decreases your own personal time and efforts to produce it)
  • SYSTEMS (produce predictable results)
  • RICH LIFE (what everyone wants)
  • THINK AND GROW RICH (THINK on these things)
  • WHO? (who are you aligning yourself with?)

WHERE DID YOU LEARN YOUR LESSONS ON MONEY? Who was your TEACHER or COACH when it comes to “Wealth” Strategies? My big “aha” was RE-READING the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Yep, I said RE-reading, spaced repetition is really how we LEARN anything and that’s how the lessons of WEALTH started getting inside my mind and my goals and my actions.

Money is something we attract by the person we BECOME.

WEALTH begins to happen when we allow LEVERAGE to be added to our efforts to create even greater VALUE for the marketplace and eventually that greater value can be created with LESS and LESS of our own personal time and efforts. This is the principle that makes NETWORK MARKETING such a powerful tool in creating wealth for ordinary people. No special degrees or sterling resumes or generational birthrights, it’s available to ALMOST ANYONE. Value is something we create to receive payment from the marketplace. Don’t think JOB, or even WORK, THINK…CREATE VALUE! How are you creating value where you work? What are you exchanging your time for every day?

When you create value you can TRADE it for bigger rewards.

That’s what happened centuries ago when trappers trapped and farmers farmed and hunters hunted…and then EXCHANGED what they could do potentially better than anyone else in the marketplace FOR OTHER GOODS or yes, even cash. Here are a few key points in creating greater UNDERSTANDING for your RICH LIFE. THINK FLOW! Money flows (that’s why it’s called cash flow) when value is EXCHANGED; If you can create greater value with your time, the marketplace will notice and write you bigger checks. And you won’t keep looking for some shortcut that turns into a detour when it comes to your better future. Most individuals are BANKRUPT (or at least STATUS QUO) in the area of LEARNING and personal growth and improvement. Think PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. THINK…Differently! How can YOU THINK differently? That’s the challenge—to ask better questions and find bigger answers. Let’s start with this question, What does it mean to “BE RICH?” How does an individual BECOME RICHER? There’s great thinking and instruction on this one going all the way back to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich classic to the more recent Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books. It’s classic wealth wisdom. It’s a cold mountain stream in a sea of “money-making-get-rich-quick” books and tapes and infomercials. In that book the author discusses several ways of becoming “RICH” and allows you to choose the one that you can live with, and the ones you can live without. It will challenge you as a reader and a student. To replace POOR thinking and strategies with RICH ONES! The ingredients in becoming wealthy are readily available. And even more readily available to any of you reading this who are living in America, the richest country (and marketplace) in the world. No matter where we are in our journey, most of us still need to be reminded from time to time about the fundamentals of THINKING RICHLY. It’s that kind of UNCOMMON thinking that Hill and Carnegie and Kiyosaki were talking about. Though there are many teachers, and many lessons that have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years, we have become the kid in the candy story in the land of instant gratification.

When it comes to WEALTH-BUILDINGDebt is public enemy #1.

Debt is marketed to us daily. And contrary to popular thinking, debt in and of itself is NOT BAD. Actually there’s good debt and bad debt. Money works. And it works better with LEVERAGE. But how many people actually understand good debt and leverage? Many people say they want or wish for things to be better but they never take action to become better in their thinking or working or investing. Wanting and wishing are common. Seeking wisdom and taking action are uncommon. What if, by faith and fortune you never had to worry about money again? What is (or what would be) your quality of life and your contribution to mankind in the absence of fears, doubt, worry, and negative emotions? In psychology money is referred to as a “deficiency need.” Meaning when you have enough money, chances are you don’t think (or worry) much about it. But when you have too little (ever been there) it is easy to be consumed with almost continual thoughts of, NOT MONEY—but a LACK OF MONEY! Ancient wisdom says “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” Is love—or could it be a form of love, to think about it all the time? Wishing for Friday (payday) to come? Worrying that there won’t be enough to go around or any left over? The LOVE of money is not reserved for the rich. In fact, I believe it’s largely the opposite. Understand that when you make the decision to do something UNCOMMON or outside the norm…let’s say something like…Oh, NETWORK MARKETING maybe; know that you will meet resistance from the CONFORMING masses. From closed-minded individuals who trade TIME FOR DOLLARS and have little more than an EMPTY HOPE (without the right actions) that THINGS will get better for them. Ever hear that one “I’m just HOPING that THINGS will get better.” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE HOPE. It’s a redeeming quality, but so is the UNDERSTANDING that THINGS will get better when YOU get better, get a better plan, or a better project, or a better formula for wealth than TIME FOR MONEY. The LAWS of MONEY Money has no power of its own, all the power FLOWS. To you, from you, or THROUGH YOU!

The laws of money transcend economic conditions.

Meaning simply there have been wealthy and affluent individuals throughout history and a study of most any time period shows that they arrived at or acquired wealth in many different ways, but with many of the same principles or laws working for them. Webster defines WEALTHY as “richly supplied.” As in “a wealth of knowledge,” (As long as we’re in the dictionary how about a couple of bonus words) WORTH: “The quality of something
that makes it desirable, useful, or valuable. To the utmost of one’s powers or ability (for all he’s worth).” And AFFLUENCE: “Wealth, Abundance, A FLOWING TOWARD!” Can you see that definition? Wealth and abundance flowing TOWARD…YOU! Since you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re an uncommon individual and aspiring for something more than you now have. A station or position beyond where you are now, with an interest in becoming more than you have been in the past. Working at a job is not one of the principles of the wealthy; at least not for arriving there or accumulating wealth. Many wealthy and affluent individuals still have tasks and projects and work they do on a regular basis, but it’s usually not how they came to be wealthy. They studied the laws and principles of wealth and applied them. So why can’t you?

Here is wisdom: Profits are better than WAGES.

Wages are not the answer to the wealth question. J-O-B is not a rich strategy, at least not a job alone. But even if you are now working on a job, are you also laying the groundwork for your financial independence in some other way? Work harder on you than you do on your job, that’s a rich formula for attracting better things into your life. Here’s what I’ve foundWhen it comes to financial things many of us feel inadequate. I know the feeling. It’s why I’ve tried over the years to learn from others around me who were very good at financial fundamentals and thinking big thoughts. Anyone can read good books and get better ideas and strategies for their life. Reading is a RICH STRATEGY. And the good news is it’s available to most everyone. It’s easy to do, but easier not to do. And that’s the option that most people choose. Watching TV is easier than reading to learn. Complaining is easier than CHANGING, that’s why it’s common. Libraries are free and reading is easy. Rich strategy or poor strategy? How many of each can you identify in your life? BECOME A STUDENT OF WEALTH The study of wealth…sounds appealing doesn’t it? Surely GOALS must be involved. And if you’re involved in any study there must be some homework assignments, right? Here’s your next assignment. Should you choose to accept it. Start your very own “STUDY OF WEALTH” by adding an EXPENSIVE journal (the feel and smell of fine leather will give you a RICHER FEELING) to your PERSONAL LIBRARY, and get a book called SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND by T. Harv Eker (and if you don’t already have it—Think and Grow RICH) YOUR FREE ANNIVERSARY GIFT: And you can actually request my E-BOOK on UNCOMMON GOALS for your LIFE and WORK that might help you in this area. It sells for $97 but it’s yours FREE as an ANNIVERSARY PRESENT for the readers of The Network Marketing Magazine’s 8th Anniversary issue. Just send an email to and request UNCOMMON GOALS. Set your own personal GOALS and TAKE ACTION in that direction. It’s a NOT-SO-SECRET-KEY to a RICHER LIFE! Here’s to Your UNCOMMON SUCCESS and building WEALTH, Michael


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