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Steve_DaileyBeing on time reflects a sense of confidence, organization, conscientiousness and competence. I have a friend that is always late. I don’t mean “always” like some of the time or most of the time. I mean always. He is late to phone meetings and business meetings, late to church, late to his kid’s activities, late to dinner, late to pick up his wife… simply never on time. And what blows me away is that he seems to always be in a hurry. He’s not late because he doesn’t try to be on time. He’s running: breaking the speed limit, taking short cuts, parking in no parking zones to save time across the parking lot, excusing himself from meetings, cutting phone calls short, getting up early and going to bed late. He is like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland… “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!” He always seems to be off to the next thing before he’s done with the thing he’s at. NULL

It’s strange – he wears a watch, keeps a calendar and has a clock set to the right time in his car. It seems like he is aware he runs late because he apologizes most of the time. He’s a nice enough guy – teaches Sunday school, coaches his son’s baseball team, has a lot of friends and seems like he makes a good living. But you have to wonder about the potential he’s missing. What would his life be like if he could correct that one bad habit? Would relationships be different with his wife, kids, church peers or business associates? Would he get more done in a day? Would he be healthier? How about happier? I’m sure he would save money – at least on gasoline and parking tickets.

You see much hinges on the habit of punctuality. Being on time – and the habit to make it a priority – reflects a lot about how you see yourself and how you see others.

Being on time tells others that you respect them, that their time matters and that you care about your relationship to a level that you will see to it that you will maximize your time with them. Punctuality breeds trust and mutual confidence. It establishes a foundation for productivity and synergy in every relationship and it sets the tone of any interlude to be on the purpose intended instead of on unrelated irritations or quirks. Tardiness reflects arrogance, lack of self-control and self-centeredness. Being on time reflects a sense of confidence, organization, conscientiousness and competence. A person that makes time a priority in their life makes every minute count and tends to attract quality people, quality performance and quality attitudes. There really is not a single thing wrong with punctuality. And likewise, there is so much to lose when the value of time is not honored. Coach Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win © 2013,


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