Don’t Just Build A Living, Build a Life! by Elizabeth Harrington

Elizabeth HarringtonIt’s the holiday season, and what better month to celebrate the extraordinary importance of women in our industry  It’s the holiday season, and what better month to celebrate the extraordinary importance of women in our industry than offering some tips and ideas on surviving what is often the busiest time of the year for us! Why? Tis the season of overwhelm and out of balance living …. Just chatting with George Madiou, the publisher of this vitally important magazine, on this very point the other day, as he was lamenting the fact that a few of us were tardy with our submission of articles! Voila, I’m jerked out of writer’s block (and basting the Thanksgiving turkey) and into the seasonal message of

How to go from Overwhelm to Overjoy through the month of December or as the title suggests, Don’t Just Build A Living, Build a Life.

How DO we go from overwhelm to overjoy so we can really feel that joy over the holidays and not let our businesses slide or our well-being compromised? NULL

“Remember, your job is not to be perfect, but to be the most perfect YOU. The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” ~Neil Gaiman

With 18 years in this wonderful industry, these are some helpful tips to add to your “ Holiday Survival Gift Box.” #1. Adopt December as your most important month to express GRATITUDE. December is a great month to play a lot in. (I am a strong advocate for as much play as possible in every month but even more this month. Creatively plan some simple yet thoughtful gifts for your favorite customers, team members, even upline. This is the month to express gratitude for their support and friendship. Take the time to send cards or a personalized email card if pushed for time. #2. Plan for appointments in January while connecting in a warm friendly fashion in December. Changes your energy doesn’t it? Mid November is a great time to begin reaching out to some favorite people –yes this early! Spend some time reflecting on who is on that special list. Then start reaching out to schedule some of these calls. People are busy. If you start connecting early in the season, people will appreciate you more and you’re more likely to make it happen. Do a skype call or a google hangout or just use your phone. #3 Go to Pleasure (a long way from DREAD) When planning your year or your month for that matter (depends on how long range you plan for) try looking at your party/social schedule (kids sports events, holiday school shows, church bazaars, charity fundraisers, concerts, and of course the business networking festive events) as fun filled rather than energy suckers. Shift your energy to pleasure with the purpose of booking your appointment calendar for January. Shift your energy and turn these social events from work to play as you attend them with a new eye for enjoyment through connection. (of course for some of you, it might be the other way around. Balance is key here people. It doesn’t matter if you are product focused, business focused or shake it up with a little of both, the month of December is absolutely the best time to just focus on relationships, as in making others feel important and significant.

The most important skill to master in any business is the ability to have people get to know you, like you and trust you enough to really listen to what your offer is when you’re ready to make it.

NOT TO PITCH, rather to ASK QUESTIONS–STOP-then actually LISTEN to the answer. So your initial goal is to find out if they would be even open to hearing about your offer. (More on this coming in future articles on -how to compassionately convert people to buy.) So use this festive season to touch base with people, really connect with them and see how they are doing in their lives and businesses. Just relax into the flow of conversation and develop a sense of magic and wonderment with each person. It will be easy to discover who will be a likely candidate to meet with in January. One way is to briefly mention an upcoming January event that you are planning – it can be a home event, a hotel, or an online event for that matter… just mention that you’ll be in touch with them AFTER the holiday season with more details then get back to the focus being on THEM.

A sense of fun and play, magic and wonderment fits the month of December beautifully.

Not only will you enjoy December more but the biggest gift of all is you just might attract more people to you by going from Overwhelm to Overjoy. What I know for sure? You’ll enjoy your holiday season more and that is the biggest gift of all! Elizabeth Harrington Social Media expert, entrepreneur, author and happy network marketer!


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