The Emerging Economic Power of Women by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThey have emerged from the shadows with a vigour and ferocity of a lioness The power of women since 1926 has tremendously changed everything from government to home life. They have emerged from the shadows with a vigor and ferocity of a lioness, they have infiltrated governments, private business, own businesses and have shaped the way for the future of many races and cultures around the world.

What is the reality of a woman in the world today? They are a force that makes deals and breaks hearts. Women have a stronger networking power than men and they can use these networks to build a vast empire.

The days of one sex domination reign is over. The days of women CEO, Presidents, business owner, life coaches and much more are here. NULL

They can reach audiences on a different level than a man can and relate on an emotional level. They are intelligent and have the power to make business or break it, the reality of their influence is felt on a global basis. Their ability to take a struggling business and make it profitable is due to their ability to listen and act upon sound advice. They work harder and strive further because they want it more and this makes a large difference.

Their ability to save for future events gives them economic power that does not have a rival.

A good example, a woman will save for a new purchase but may settle for a second choice if the price is right. This does not always mean they will not show favoritism but it shows they know how to find the right deal and at the right price. The ability to save for a rainy day benefits their family and themselves, translating into the business sense, this could save a company thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. When they are given full access to training, resources and support, women are a dangerous creature to cross. They can bounce a company from second class to first class in a matter of time. Some women are impulse buyers but this does not mean that they will not cover their bills. They can empower a network to move a product while making a profit, even if they run a special. Most business women hold back and they should not if they can help the company generate good recruits and profits. Investing into intelligence of a woman is a great way to appreciate her value to the team. Besides the obvious respect that it shows, their resources and ties to friends run deeper than a guy’s ever will and they can use these elements to their advantage. This can bring in new prospects and shoppers if they can network on social media and at conferences for the industry. Most women are powerful speakers and have the human dynamics working in their favour due to their natural ability to befriend almost anyone.

A well rounded business woman is a great ally in any industry.

Their influence and networking power is by far underestimated due to past stereotypical sexist thinking. Given the chance, a woman business owner can and will often outshine their male counterparts. They have a ton of charm that men cannot hope to use and this is on an ethical basis only.


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