Master Your Business Mindset – See, Hear, and Speak Success by Kathleen Deggelman

Kathleen_DeggelmanThis is good news: YOU are the only one holding you back. YOU also have the power to transform your life exactly how you want it I was recently supporting a few members of my downline that were hitting roadblocks and, in each case, the challenge boiled down to one thing – mindset.

In fact, the biggest obstacle that keeps people from the business success they desire is a limiting mindset.

The actions you take (or don’t take) always stem from your thoughts, so prioritize mastering your mindset. Here are some tips for mastering your business mindset so you are wired for success: 1) SEE What You Want I recently read the book, E Squared, by Pam Grout. One of the exercises in the book is about keeping an eye out for something very specific and noticing how it appears. Butterflies was one example. Initially I doubted I would see a butterfly during the day, and then this happened:  NULL

I grabbed an inspiration card from my favorite deck, and my mouth dropped when I saw it had an image of a butterfly on it! So, I shuffled through the rest of the cards and counted eight more. I noticed butterflies on the label of a bottle of lotion I use every day. On my walk I noticed a big butterfly decoration on the wall of a house. Something captured my attention, when I glanced up, there was a butterfly perched on top of a tree. I went to a movie later and about twenty butterflies flew across the screen of one of the opening advertisements.

What does this have to do with your business mindset? Everything! You find what you look for. What are you paying attention to?

Complainers, grumps, and people who throw every objection your way? Or success-oriented leaders who love your products and business? Commit right now to intentionally look for what you want. 2) HEAR the Divine Nudges Call it Intuition, Spirit, the Universe, or God – whatever speaks to your spiritual connection – the divine has a way of whispering messages to you. The question is are you hearing it? A few years ago, I had an investment opportunity that seemed perfect. The numbers made sense, and it was an exciting opportunity. Only, I was receiving hints to stay away. Despite a funny feeling in my stomach and a couple red flags, I went for it anyway, and ended up losing a lot of money. Now, I listen to those divine messages! When it comes to your business, pay attention to the subtle hints the Universe sends you. If a person’s name keeps coming to mind, you might want to call them. If you hear about a book three times in a week, perhaps it contains an important lesson for you. 3) SPEAK Your Intentions Another aspect of mastering your mindset is realizing the power of your words. Your intentions create your experience, so set an intention each morning for what you want to happen that day. Intend to meet leaders who are excited about your business and offerings. Expect to receive what you ask for, and be grateful in advance. Affirmations are a one of my favorite ways to speak my intentions. Here are some of my favorites (you are welcome to borrow them)!

  • I’m able to ask for what I want
  • I get value from everything I do
  • Every day I wake up to new wealth
  • Money comes to me in unexpected ways for the good of all concerned

Are You Mastering Your Business Mindset? This is good news: YOU are the only one holding you back. YOU also have the power to transform your life exactly how you want it. How do you master your business mindset? Share in the comments below!


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Kathleen Deggelman
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