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Steve DaileyFour quick tips to supercharge your brain beginning today. It is actually a myth that we only use ten percent of our brains. We actually use all of our brain. The truth is, though, that the average person has a huge capacity for growth of brain power not being developed. So what do you do about that? Here are four quick tips to supercharge your brain beginning today. One – find at least thirty minutes every day to read in your area of professional interest or in an area of personal development. Over a year’s time you will have read over forty books and put yourself in the top three percent of all adults in terms of personal growth. Two – begin a personal journal to capture and organize your thoughts. I’m not talking about a diary to catalog your summer vacation. I’m talking about developing a habit of transferring thoughts into reality and intention into power. NULL

Three – start and end your day with at least ten minutes of personal quiet time to pray, meditate and think. You’ll be amazed at how this time will help you get and stay focused, minimize anxiety and bring purpose to each day. Four – teach something to someone everyday. You will internalize your knowledge and insight by multiples by giving away what you know. Not to mention the synergy and teamwork you’ll create around you. That’s it… read, journal, pray, teach and you’re on your way to a more powerful mind. Coach Steve Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win © 2013, Steve@AchievementBridge.com


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