Seven innocent questions that focus prospects to make decisions by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterSo make it easy for your prospects. This technique is rejection-free.  You are sitting across the prospects’ kitchen table. They are afraid to make a decision. They’re thinking: “We don’t want to make a mistake.” “What if we make the wrong decision?” “Let’s think it over and delay any decision until we have to.” “What if we fail?” “Maybe we should just take our time thinking about this.” And they’re thinking … and thinking … and thinking.

So here are a couple of questions that you can ask your prospects. They’re innocent, non-aggressive questions. These questions will help your prospects make a decision on what is best for their lives.

1. What will happen if you don’t join our business? Of course the answer is: “Nothing.” But you don’t answer that question. Let the prospects mentally answer that question for themselves. They’ll probably be thinking this: NULL

“Life will be the same. Tomorrow will look just like today. We’re going to wake up early, commute to work, come back late, grab a quick meal, watch a few minutes of television and go to sleep. Yep, we’re going to get this routine over and over again until we’re too old to work.” Not a very pretty picture, is it? Now if the prospects choose to leave everything the same, if they choose to avoid your opportunity … that’s okay. They are making a decision. And that’s all we ask. Want a few more questions like this? Try some of these to see if one fits your style.   2. If you don’t start your own business now, do you see yourself always working for someone else? Everybody has a dream to be their own boss. To wake up when they want. To be in control of their lives instead of taking orders from others. This is their chance. Now they have to make a decision to turn down this chance you have given them. 3. What do you think will happen next year if you decide not to make any changes this year? Now we are asking them to picture themselves next year, regretting the choice they made not to join our business. When people picture in their minds the sadness and regret of their choices, many times they will have the courage to change their lives starting today. 4. Do you think your job routine (five days a week, two weeks vacation every year) will ever change? The answer of course is “No.” Now our prospects must face up to the cold reality that in their current job, they are sentenced for life! This means there is no hope for long vacations, extended travel, an above-average income … pretty depressing. If they make a decision not to join now, it means they may be giving up that little spark of hope that things might change. Prospects want hope in their lives. 5. I see that you’re kind of stressing out about risking a change in your daily life. Why not just relax and enjoy your life as it is? We have rapport with our prospect now because we have just stated a fact: the prospect is stressed. Then we take the opportunity away from our prospect and tell the prospect, “Just give up hope, stay in your current unfulfilling life.”

A strange fact about humans is that we always want what we can’t have. And now that we have taken our opportunity away from our prospect, the prospect wants it even more.

6. You don’t have to make a decision to start your own business tonight. Instead, you could simply make a decision to not start your own business and keep your present job routines. Our prospect loves us. We have given our prospect permission to not make a decision to join. A sigh of relief passes over our prospect. Then, we tell our prospect that this means making a decision to keep their present job and life. Ouch. The prospect was trying to avoid a decision, but then realizes that avoiding one decision means making a decision to continue an unfulfilling life. Nobody wants to make a decision to continue an unfulfilling life. 7. You know, you might be thinking, “My daily routine isn’t so bad. Maybe I’ll keep living this way.” And that’s also a good decision. Do you think that might be best for you? What??? How can just living this unfulfilling life be best for me? So the instant reaction to this question is: “No! Staying where I am is not best for me. And I want what is best for me! I need to make a change in my life now!” All of these questions remind our prospects that the pain of their problems won’t go away by procrastinating a decision and staying where they are. So make it easy for your prospects. This technique is rejection-free.

* We’re not attached to the outcome. * We’re not responsible for the decisions they make in their lives. * We’re only obligated to give our prospects the choices. * The rest is up to them.

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