YOU are your business, so HOW ARE YOU marketing YOU? by Paul Morris

Paul MorrisThe company that you represent is primarily the supplier of the products you sell If you are a Network Marketer then you are classified as an independent contractor and you are legally and technically in business for YOURSELF.

In other words you are in your own business and YOU are your own business, so how well you market your business is based on how well you market you!

So let’s start by branding YOU. But you may say, “I am in ABC company or XYZ Company, how do I market them?” Answer you don’t. You market you. YOU are an independent distributor of ABC Corporation, but you are not ABC, INC., you are YOU.

So start branding YOU.

**Does your email brand you? Many distributors have emails that do not have their name or their business name in the address. I have friends who have email addresses that have no connection to them and so if I want to email them unless I have previously set them up in my email address book for that particular email service provider I cannot locate their email address.  NULL

Let’s say your name is Tom Jones and your email address is scooterpie@gmail and I decide to send you an email but I can’t remember if you are batman, scooter pie or golden boy… rather than send it to the wrong person I usually opt to not send you an email at all. Fallen Angel, Devil in disguise, bald eagle and lone wolf may be great for dating sites but not for doing business. You should start branding yourself by including your name in your email address, such as But what if that name is taken? Then get a little creative and use or use the two letter postal abbreviation for your state and make it this is also good if you have a common name, as it narrows you down to the Tom Jones living in Florida. Better yet as your business grows or as soon as you can commit to maintaining the account, go to and get your such as or a variation that would still be available, maybe using your middle initial or middle name and then using as your email address. Now you are branding YOU every time you send an email to anyone.  **Order 1,000 business cards with your name, email address and phone number and a generic tag line saying something like “Helping people earn money in their spare time”, or “Looking for key leaders wanting to earn $5,000/mo in their spare time”  “Helping entrepreneurs start their own home based business”, or “Create a second income without getting a second job”, or just make one up that would attract your interest. Note: Make sure YOUR NAME is in the largest type and in the most prominent position on the card. Now start getting your name out there in the public.  **Start attending Networking events where they say come and bring 100 business cards to exchange with other entrepreneurs. If you notice I did not have you put your company website on the card as if the web address was on the card, they could take a quick peek and PRE-JUDGE your opportunity and say no without knowing what they were saying no to. If they ask me for my web address I ask them when they will be in front of a computer and tell them I will call them and give it to them at that time and then I can walk them through the website. This way we are both online and you know exactly what they are looking at. **Next, look in the paper for local events in your neighborhood; things like a Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast open to the public. A Fire Station Chicken Barbeque dinner that is open to the public. Church pot luck dinners, Arts and craft shows, Flea Markets, Green Markets, local Farmer’s Markets. Just get out there and start circulating in the public and meeting as many people as you can. Always make sure you get their business card so you can drop them a note saying that it was great meeting them at that particular event. You may not even be actively approaching them at this time but you certainly are prospecting them whether they know it or not. Keep doing this. Hand your card out to sales clerks, cashiers, waitresses, waiters, and business owners… everyone you meet.   The above technique is known as “card marketing”. I personally know people who have developed earnings of $50,000 a month by simply passing out cards. However, the ideal situation is to also get their business card or have a blank card on which they can write their email address.  Always have something FREE to offer to them as a reason to get their email address. You can offer a replay of a conference call, an MP3 of a motivational talk, a product protocol for better health, a healthy recipe, anything that gives you a reason to get their email and to establish communication with them. Before you know it you will have a stack of business cards with names of people you can call to prospect for your business, and if you have made a good impression on them… your phone will start ringing with prospects calling you to ask what you do for a living and how they can earn extra money with you. **You can run a classified ad in your local newspaper and say FREE talk on “How to be healthier than you have ever been” and have them send their email address to you and you will send them an MP3 of the talk. In all cases YOUR NAME is getting out there as someone who can help people earn extra money by starting their own business. **Find out if your town has a local weekly or monthly newspaper or magazine and offer to write articles and run an ad in their publication. Always offer something for free if they send you an email. I have a talk I do on “How to instantly develop a Positive Attitude” that I send out as an MP3. **If you are a decent public speaker you can send letter to Rotary Clubs, Lyons Clubs, and Chamber of Commerce organizations in neighboring towns offering to be a guest speaker on a topic of particular interest to those in attendance. Simply find a good subject and put a talk together. Years ago I bought a film on Free Enterprise form the US Chamber of commerce and was busy for a year going to all the local Rotary Clubs and Lyons Clubs. So believe me this will keep you busy all year long once the word gets out. So now you have become a pretty good marketer… but what are you marketing, your company? No, you are marketing YOU.

The company that you represent is primarily the supplier of the products you sell. Hopefully they have a mission and have a great culture that will attract and retain people, but ultimately YOU are YOUR BUSINESS, so BRAND you and start marketing YOU!



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