The Business of the Business – Choose a Breakthrough Goal by George Madiou

George-MadiouI decided to put EVERYTHING on hold that I was doing and go all out and make a reality— AND within the next 60 days it was!

Any world-class business starts with a visionary goal…. TheNetworkMarketing is no exception

“Did you read the book Lori and I gave you last Christmas?” That was the question my good friend Dr Wayne Andersen, founder of Take Shape For Life asked me. I truthfully said, “sure I did.” Now the question, (ala Bill Clinton), it depends on what you mean by read. I decided that skimming wasn’t reading. If this brilliant friend of mine not only recommended Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles, but also bought it for me I indeed needed to read it cover to cover. GREAT move! It was very instrumental in my involvement in developing and making a reality!  NULL Dr Andersen was very interested in passing on the message of the first chapter Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life. It’s a grabber! There is something about knowing this and there is quite another thing about hearing it from those you respect. Jack teaches us about taking responsibility, making decisions, taking action (I love Nike’s Just Do It!), and the thing that got me into high gear goals. More specifically, Create A Breakthrough Goal (page 53). My partner, John Fogg and I were seriously talking about starting the beginning of July of this year, but it wasn’t until July 16 (I know the exact date, because I was floating in the pool at some resort in Ft Lauderdale with my wife for our anniversary) did it become a reality. After reading the part of Jack’s book about Breakthrough Goals I decided to put EVERYTHING on hold that I was doing and go all out and make a reality— AND within the next 60 days it was! We hit our goal (this being our second issue) and with a world-class team assembled to deliver the best magazine in the history of the network marketing, we are here to stay. The talent, the people, the stories are beyond belief and they are all here for you! Stories is what network marketing is all about. My good friend Bill Gove, (the father of modern public speaking) use to teach:

“Make a point, and tell a story.” That’s what our business is. The better we get at telling our story, the better our business gets.

We all have a story. What’s your story? Our story is a digital magazine that’s never been done before. And, it’s never done (we keep adding content to the past issue; a 39-page ebook, a 36 page excerpt, a 13-page special report plus a newsletter, all in the last 10 days of October alone)… that’s more like an ebook (200ish pages with even more attached ebooks, and, and PDFs. Over 500 pages worth in this issue alone!)… that you can listen to as well as read (Second Issue, November 2005 has eight and a-half hours of audio programming)… that you can SAVE (it’s a library)… SEARCH (just like an MLM Google)… and SHARE (emailing to your drip list and for trainings with a click)… conversations with super networking leaders you’d never meet and learn from (because they’re not with your company) except in the magazine…. A breakthrough magazine. That’s our story. What do you think? The next Breakthrough Goal? How about Chicken Soup For The Network Marketers Soul? That’s my next breakthrough goal, a column with your heart-warming stories. I’m not sure about the name of the column or the potential book. We’re in discussion with Jack Canfield’s people and if it happens that will be cool, we’ll let you know. If the title changes the new column wouldn’t. We want your stories! If you want to participate, email your great story to me at [email protected] Who knows, you might find your story in an upcoming issue or even in our next book! And oh yes, thanks Dr Andersen, for a great life changing gift, what a great book, and yes I did read it! Aim High and choose a great breakthrough goal! — George Madiou


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George Madiou
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