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Dale_CalvertI believe that what separates elite coaches from all others is the same thing that separates those who make $10,000 a month in MLM, from those that develop $10,000 a month earners in network marketing. The keyword here is system(S) plural, not a system. Quite frankly, I could write books on this topic and currently have several dozen hours of DVD training, just on this subject. 90% of my consulting and training time is spent helping six figure MLM earners develop unified, duplicatable, training systems for their teams. At some point in the career of every $100,000 a year network marketing leader they wake up and realize “I AM NOT DUPLICATABLE”. Most decide to continue to do what they have always done because they like the lime light, what I call playing Elvis. Others decide that for the benefit of their organization they must refine what they are doing and teaching, that is when they usually contact me for help. It is refreshing to work with leaders that truly have the best interest of their team members in their heart. Webster defines the word system as: NULL

a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole

Unified duplicatable systems has been my battle cry for over 20 years. Quite frankly for the most part, it has fallen on death ears. That was the main topic in my book “Why the Masses of Network Marketers are Frustrated, Confused, and Don’t have a Clue What they are Doing” The bottom line as it relates to network marketing is network marketing teams have been built by what I call 3%ers, highly motivated, hard working people with great communication skills and personality.

The challenge …… Personality is NOT DUPLICATABLE, only systems can be duplicated.

I call it “The Franchise Factor” and it is the missing link in network marketing and in my opinion the number one reason this business model has not taken over the world. The truth is, most people earning $10,000+ monthly got there based upon their own work ethic, drive, determination, and personality. They DID NOT follow and master unified, duplicatable systems, that is why they have trouble teaching what they did, does that make sense? Mark Yarnell, takes this concept to a new level in one of the best MLM Training Articles I have ever read, titled, I THOUGHT I KNEW WHAT MADE ME SUCCESSFUL, BUT I WAS WRONG. Take any well known sports team coach John Calapari, Nick Saben, Tony La Russa, pick whoever you want, in any sport. Ultimately they find the best players they can and then break down every aspect of the sport and teach their system. When any given situation happens, they and their players know exactly what they are going to do. Those mini-systems, if you will, work together to produce the ultimate system. In basketball you have systems for Out of Bounds Plays Offense against the Zone defense Offense against man to man defense Plays for all the various game situations Defense after a foul shot is made Defense for after a foul shot is missed and the number of mini systems within the main system are endless. Like basketball coaches, people who earn $10,000 a month in network marketing are a dime a dozen. The truth is they all had to work hard, persist, and believe to achieve that level of success. However just because they got there doesn’t mean they can really give others a game plan to get there beyond the ‘work hard, persist, and believe’ advice.

I believe that what separates elite coaches from all others is the same thing that separates those who make $10,000 a month in MLM, from those that develop $10,000 a month earners in network marketing. It ultimately comes down to the refinement of systems.

In network marketing you should try to find a Pinnacle Leader. A Pinnacle leader is someone who has made $10,000 a month who has taught someone else to make $10,000 a month who in turn has taught someone else to make $10,000 a month. Look for 3 levels of $10,000 a month earners, and HERE IS THE SECRET. They are all teaching the same unified systems. If you find an organization like this, plug in, follow everything they teach, and don’t look back because you are on the right track! Most network marketing organizations don’t have a system to plug people into, and then they wonder why they are not producing leaders or winning the game.

A coach is only good as his players and systems, and the same can be said for network marketing leaders.

How successful would a basketball coach be that only had a system for playing offense against a man-to-man defense? No Out of Bounds Plays, Offense against the Zone defense, No Plays for all the various game situations, No Defense after a foul shot is made etc. etc. How successful would they be? Many network marketers idea of a system is a recruiting system, which usually consist of some kind of lead capture page with auto responders. They talk about their system, and in reality they don’t have a system, they have a recruiting system but there is so much more. You need: Retention Systems Personal Development Systems Accountability Systems Local lead generation systems Online lead generation systems And the list goes on and on.

Break down every single aspect of the business and design unified, duplicatable systems around each aspect then you can produce massive duplication and leadership based upon solid business practices.

Network marketing is a leadership development business. Ultimately your income grows in direct proportion to the number of leaders you develop on your team. Leaders are developed by systems. Somehow over the years network marketing has digressed to “leaders” who are more interested in develop a following than they are new leaders. I believe we have to return the industry to the roots of personal growth and development and have the courage to love people enough to tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.


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