Duplication Begins on the INSIDE… by Teresa Romain

TeresaRomainDuplication is a powerful principle in your business that goes beyond the “business building systems” you need. When it comes to the concept of duplication, you probably think it’s about having a duplicatable system for building your business – one that others can follow. Having and following such a system (or so the thinking goes), will allow you to leverage yourself through the actions of others – thereby establishing a “residual” or even “passive” income stream. While having such a system IS important – it may not be as important as you think. Far too often, network marketers think that all they need to do is to take the “right” actions and/or follow the “right” system and their business will grow and thrive! But thinking of duplication only in terms of an activity- or skill-based system is in violation of one of the fundamental and universal laws that applies to the natural world – AND to your business! NULL

Namely, that the internals (your internals) create the externals (your externals)!

In other words, all of the conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, experiences and expectations you have are – bottom line – what influences the power of your action and duplicatable system and the results you achieve. Your internals – conscious AND subconscious – act like a thermostat. If your thermostat is set for 58 degrees, it’s pretty safe to say that the temperature in the room is going to be pretty close to 58 degrees. If you wanted the room to be warmer, you could jump into ACTION and start building fires in the fireplaces and start baking bread in the oven and, at least temporarily, it would seem to work – the room would feel warmer. Your ACTIONS are duplicatable – but those duplicatable actions will not produce the results you want (and want to be duplicated). Why? Because the moment you start taking all those actions to start warming up the room, the thermostat will turn on the air conditioning to start cooling the room back down to 58 degrees! Talk about struggle! But if you simply turned the thermostat up to 68 degrees, the thermostat would turn on the heater and the room would start warming up – EASILY – and would stay warm.

Your INTERNALS (conscious AND subconscious) are like that thermostat in your life. They impact your actions and they impact your results.

And so – when it comes to this idea of duplication – my question of you is this. When it comes to duplication, are you – from an INTERNAL perspective – are you duplicating scarcity instead of abundance? For example, how often do you think that you haven’t done “enough”, your business isn’t growing fast “enough”, you’re not making “enough” money, your team isn’t big “enough”, you’re not making “enough” calls, you don’t have “enough” people at your shows, you don’t know “enough” to be successful? Each and every time you do, you are focusing on scarcity and, as a result, scarcity is what you will attract and duplicate through your actions.

Keep in mind the age-old success principle that says “what you FOCUS on the most is what will show up and expand in your life”.

In other words, all of that “not enoughing” you are doing to yourself is a sure-fire way to make sure “not enough” is what you continue to experience – no matter what you do, have or make. This same internal focus on scarcity could even have you unintentionally “not enough” your prospects and team members. Consider a scenario that might occur when you first meet with a new associate and you ask her why she wants to be in your business and what she wants to achieve. Her response might simply be that she wants to make enough money to pay for her own products. Another typical response may be that she wants to make a couple hundred dollars each month to pay off some bills. How do you respond? Do you respond by telling her to think and dream “bigger”? Do you start to tell her about how much more money she could make, e.g., $5,000 or $10,000, each month? Do you “write her off” as not being a leader or serious business builder? If you do any of these things, notice what your focus is. Do you see how you’ve just “not enoughed” her goal and desire? As a result, there’s a good chance that she will “not enough” herself – a pattern that will be duplicated in her business as well – IF she continues with the business! No matter how little or how much she makes, it will never be “enough”. Instead of experiencing and duplicating success and abundance, your associate is going to experience struggle and scarcity instead.

This internal focus on “not enough” and scarcity – yours and/or your associates – will set up a chain reaction of scarcity.

One way this happens is from a pattern of doing your business (sometimes taught in so-called “duplicatable systems”) that I call the “All or Nothing” pattern. When you think you’re not doing or making “enough” and/or you don’t have “enough”, your focus naturally goes to quantity! You need to do MORE, make MORE, make a LOT of phone calls, build a BIG team, have a HUGE month, have a TON of sales, recruit a BUNCH of people, and do all of these things really FAST! (You get the idea?) The only problem is that in reaction to ALL that you think you have to do, you probably feel overwhelmed, think you don’t have “enough” time and/or feel paralyzed. As a result, you do NOTHING – until such point that you feel so “bad” or guilty about doing nothing that one day you try and catch up by doing ALL that you had been putting off. You may be able to keep up that high of a level of activity for a short period of time, but eventually you’ll find yourself feeling overwhelmed and doing NOTHING again. And this “all or nothing”, “start then stop” pattern will result in similar “all or nothing”, “feast or famine” results! More importantly, when you’re trying to build your business with this “All or Nothing” approach, you will unintentionally attract and duplicate this same pattern in and with current and future team members. The way out of this scarcity pattern of “all or nothing” is to change your emphasis from one on quantity and speed to one on consistency over time.

In other words, instead of trying to do it ALL or A LOT or BIG or FAST, you shift your focus to doing something, ONE thing, and “small” steps consistently over an extended period of time.

Doing so, however, is going to require you make another internal shift in your focus. Instead of seeing things as “not enough”, you must practice celebrating each step you take, each action your take, the progress you are making, the consistency you are developing – and you must do so no matter how seemingly large or small it is. Instead of seeing what you’re NOT doing and what you DON’T have and what you HAVEN’T done, you must consciously develop a habit of focusing on abundance – and the abundance you already have around and within you, the actions and steps you are taking, the results you are getting – again, no matter how seemingly small or large they are. And this is the FOCUS you must duplicate when working with others. Consider again the example of the prospect you “not enoughed’. Imagine the difference if you had responded to her goal (and to yours) with enthusiasm, encouragement and acknowledgment. How would your prospect or new distributor feel about her goal, you and her new business opportunity? What if you taught her to CELEBRATE (instead of “not enough”) the action steps she takes and the results she gets?

Any duplicatable system for building your business will only be effective when your internals are set for abundance.

Changing your focus from “not enough”, lack and limitation is one type of internal shift you must make and it’s the most important one to begin with. There are others you will need to address along the way – including your consciou
s and subconscious thoughts and beliefs about money, prosperity, yourself and life. For example, if you have a subconscious belief that “money isn’t important’ – imagine how that will impact your results and be duplicated in your team. If you have a belief that “life is hard” or “nothing comes easy” or “you have to work hard to get ahead”, that’s the experience you will create for yourself in the business, that’s what you will teach others to experience and, because “like attracts like”, you will attract to you people with a similar “internal” programming. Duplication is a powerful principle in your business that goes beyond the “business building systems” you need. If you want to attract and duplicate abundance it begins on the INSIDE. Start focusing on and celebrating – and thus duplicating – abundance today!


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