Replicate Yourself by Cloning Their Dreams!!! by Sean Murphy

Author_35280SeanMurphyDo you think the folks that you will be enrolling into your business, do you think they would like to be able to focus on 1 important goal? Let’s face it; no one “REALLY” wants to be just like you, they want to be just like themselves! Right?

So the key to duplication, replication, is the ability to teach people how to really find their dreams, and THEN to teach them how to help other people uncover their dreams… and so on and so on.

I hope this makes sense. So how do you do this? You have to start with YOU. You are the success to this system. If you start off a bit confused, you will only be able to sponsor just a couple of levels down from you. If you want to create a MASSIVE team, then you really need to make sure you know your WHY and how you came to it. So lets get started. First write out the 20 “things” you want from your business. What 20 goals would you like to accomplish, these are the goals that you will achieve by building your business, your team, your income… etc. NULL

Once you have this list, look at it, and decide what is the most important one on the list. Now I know they are all important, I want to show you something, so pick out the one that is the MOST important on this list. Once you have the, then continue. So now you have that #1 important goal, I didn’t say the goal that is most urgent, I said the one that is most important to you and/or your family. Let me explain. The title of this article is replicating yourself. If you just did this exercise with me, then what do we have. We have a goal that you picked out of 20 that you wrote down, that is the most important one. Let me ask you a question. Do you think the folks that you will be enrolling into your business, do you think they would like to be able to focus on 1 important goal? YES!

So now you can take anyone through this process, and it’s simple enough for the to learn it by DOING it, and they can in one sitting, understand this enough so they can use it with folks they enroll as well.

This is the easiest way to duplicate yourself across your city, around your state, from coast to coast, and in any language or country your company does business in. Now here is he Leadership Secret! If you use this in your team, you can now ask anyone that calls you for help and support what their “#1 Goal” is before you start the conversation, and you will know if they have been trained and followed your duplication system. If you really want to be a strong, loving leader, and they have NOT done the exercise… you can tell them to call you back when they complete the task. You will see most of the challenges they had will fade away, and you will be left with real solid business questions that you should focus your time on. Hugs from Dallas… Sean


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