Is This What You Want Your Team to Do? by George Madiou

George-Madiou2 Major Points on Duplication Rather than have your entire team make up ways to grow their business in a hit or miss way, we might want to short cut that activity and duplicate the successful actions that are proven and that will help your group become successful. Duplication can be both good and bad. Like I just stated, we want to duplicate the activities that bring about successful results, however, we also want to avoid duplicating activities that are time wasters and non-productive activities. We want to make sure that when we duplicate activities into our downline we are duplicating the good activities that create results rather than the bad activities that create chaos.

There are 2 very important things that we want a duplicate in our downline, the first is, who do I talk to and the second is what do we say to these people.

 NULL Many people put the order of priority in that order, however, I think that it is absolutely essential that, what we say, is really the most important part of our presentation to prospects, whether or not they are business builders or customers rather than who we are going to say it to. In other words, what good is it to have an entire list of people to talk to if we are not comfortable and competent in what message we want to clearly articulate to them. One of the biggest problems in network marketing is the fear that people have talking about their opportunity, product, and their services. When you have fear it comes across to your prospects. Your team is not interested in experiencing anymore fear in their life. This is the reason why I say that what and how you get the message out to All of your prospects (warm or cold prospects) is the first priority and the most important things that we can duplicate, and then having a list of people to contact is the next important thing we need to work on.

We need a clear, concise and impactful presentation that everybody in your organization can present as if they are the very best presenter the company ever had.

How can we achieve that? That is a tall order to bring EVERYONE to get to that level of skill. What if we could do that presentation for them every time and all they need to do is get that presentation out to as many prospects, consistently, each day that they are willing to commit to contacting. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they themselves have to be that great presenter, but if we develop that outstanding presentation in the form of a sales or information funnel, that walks a prospect down a path of interesting and captivating information in the form of a story, anyone can pass that great story to their prospects and create interest and desired results. This sales or information funnel that walks a prospect down a path in a logical way, is what we’re looking to do in getting our message consistently out there. We want this tool to articulate how our company, our opportunity, our products and services benefit our prospect and that can be best accomplished by telling the story in short, concise and impactful videos that have the prospects looking forward to the next video to find out more.

This is a very effective way of being able to duplicate a message that anyone on your team can become that GREAT presenter.

At that point, finding ways to get in front of new prospects then and only then will result in success (now that we have something to say to these prospects) and that will develop competent and confidant downline team members that are getting results and having success. There’s a tool that works on both of these aspects of this process (articulating the message and generating leads of people to talk to) that we have seen works very well, it’s This tool not only develops lead generation activity but it also has a powerful sales funnel with a lead capture page system, sales pages and an autoresponder component that will automatically follow up with your prospectors. This system develops a highly effective, (personalized for the team member) sales funnel that can be used by an entire downline to articulate your opportunity, products and services. Use this or any tool like it to start duplicating success down through your team! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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