An “Emergency Road Kit” For Your Journey of Abundance by Teresa Romain

TeresaRomainI received a phone call last week from a woman who had taken several of my teleconference programs several years ago. She called me because the ‘gravitational forces’ she was encountering in her life were pulling her back to the ground and into deep scarcity. In other words, using the ‘Lessons from the Space Shuttle’ I’ve written about previously, she needed some ‘fuel’.

In a nutshell, this woman and her husband were over-extended financially – especially caused by the fact that their house – which is up for sale – has not sold as quickly as they expected and, in her words, ‘needed’ it to sell. This woman was stressed, fearful (possibly panicked), overwhelmed and tense – and she wondered if I could spend a few minutes giving her some ideas for ‘handling’ the situation. NULL

That conversation became the inspiration for this article because, as much as we all may wish it were different, we all encounter emergencies, breakdowns and unexpected challenges (or even crises) on our Journey of Abundance. Whether it’s the house that hasn’t sold as planned or the car that died or broke down or the unexpected hospital bill or the layoff from a job, it’s important we all have an ‘Emergency Road Kit’ in the ‘trunk of our car’ as we travel the Journey of Abundance.

You see, what my former student needed more than ‘advice’ on how to ‘fix’ or ‘handle’ her situation was support and coaching about how to empower herself to be able to respond to her situation abundantly.

I was able to support her using principles she had already learned from me and with which she was familiar – it’s just that in her ‘crisis’ mode, she had forgotten many of them.

That’s what happens to most of us when we encounter challenges, obstacles, emergencies, stress and crises – we ‘default’ back to our ‘old’ conditioning or our ‘old’ way of operating. For most of us, this default ‘operating system’ is one of fear, disempowerment and scarcity – which then only creates more of the same.

I’ve been both using and teaching fundamentals and principles of abundance for nearly nine years now. During that time, you might be amazed how many people have told me how much they love to write in their Abundance Journal – when life is going well for them.

However, these same people (and sometimes I’m one of them!) are also the first to admit that they don’t ‘get around to writing in it’ when life isn’t going so well – when money is tight, problems arise, and they are experiencing fear, scarcity, upset and loss. In other words, their ‘default scarcity conditioning’ kicks in under stress – at exactly the moment when using an Abundance Journal or another tool of abundance could most support them!

At the same time, there are so many different ‘abundance tools’ or ‘principles’ that – under stress or pressure – we often don’t know which ones will support us the most (and/or we completely forget all of them with what I call a ‘brain cramp’). And that’s why I’ve written this article and created the following ‘Emergency Road Kit’ for you.

Your ‘Emergency Road Kit’ includes the principles, tools and actions I have found to be most essential, supportive and empowering when you encounter breakdowns and challenges.

I highly recommend that you print a copy of this article and keep it handy (in your day planner or on a bulletin board above your desk) so that you can refer to it when you recognize your ‘default’ mode of scarcity has kicked in. That being said, here are the items that I include in my own ‘Emergency Road Kit’ and recommend for all travelers on the Journey of Abundance:

* BREATHE!!!! This is the first thing I had my client do on the phone last week. You might not even realize how often you may stop breathing (or only breathe in a shallow or rapid manner) when under pressure or stress. Simply taking a series of several LONNGGG and SLOOOWWW deep breaths will begin to release any physical, mental and emotional energy that is blocked and get your energy flowing again in a more relaxed and powerful manner.

* MOVE!!!! Studies have repeatedly documented the benefits of physical movement and exercise. Physical movement and exercise releases endorphins, the body’s ‘feel good hormones,’ and in as little as 20 minutes a day, it can calm your mind, relax your body and change your entire outlook on life. (And – if your outlook is stress, fear and scarcity – changing your outlook will greatly support you!)

That being said, you don’t need to undertake a specific or strenuous exercise regimen. Simply MOVE – preferably in a way that is FUN for you as well – whenever you have a chance. Stand up from your desk and stretch. Put on some music and dance to it. Go for a short walk. Do 10 sit-ups. Do a somersault or cartwheel. If you can’t exercise for an extended period of time (20-30 minutes) all at once, then interject shorter ‘movement breaks’ throughout your day. JUST MOVE – so your energy and your abundance can start to flow!

* SPEND FIVE MINUTES DOING NOTHING EACH DAY! Find a comfortable spot where you will be able to sit in silence – undisturbed – for five minutes. (That’s it!)Turn off all music, television sets, computers, etc. For the entire five minutes, simply DO NOTHING! Do not read, write, pray, sing, focus on your breathing or meditate. Do not try to ’empty your mind’ or ‘shut off your thoughts’ – that would be ‘doing’ something! All there is for you to ‘do’ is to do ‘nothing’ for five minutes – and then you can resume your day! (For many people, doing ‘nothing’ is one of the most difficult ‘actions’ for them to take. Stick with it – because what you will experience in terms of being empowered, gaining clarity, seeing possibilities, being energized as a result will probably AMAZE you!)

* FOCUS ON ABUNDANCE! In addition to writing in your Abundance Journal each day (listing 10 things for which you are grateful AND 10 things for which you acknowledge yourself), use this all-important principle in EACH MOMENT of your day. As soon as you catch yourself thinking about ‘all that isn’t working’ or ‘all that you don’t have’ or ‘all that you haven’t accomplished’, find something ABOUT THAT SPECIFIC SITUATION for which you can be grateful and for which you can acknowledge yourself. Remember – what you focus on and give energy to is what will expand and grow in your life! Focus your energy on those things that keep you empowered and in action!

* GIVE!!!! It’s one of the simplest and most powerful ways to (1) remain focused on abundance and (2) create an opening for something new and abundant to come into your life. Each day, find ONE thing you can give away (or at least THROW away!) – including those things (e.g., money or time) about which you are most experiencing scarcity. Not only will your energy be freed up – you will break through the ‘scarcity thoughts and beliefs’ that are disempowering you and keeping you in scarcity. Besides – if you HAVE something to give or throw away, that’s a sign that you still have ABUNDANCE in your life!

* CELEBRATE YOUR COMPLETIONS! Every action you take – especially during times of stress – requires an expenditure of energy! Thus, every time you complete an action (no matter how large or small), it is VITAL that you replenish or refill some or all of the energy you’ve just spent. That’s why CELEBRATING every completion is so important – so that you will have the energy needed to continue to take action! Whether it be a ‘Home Alone Fist Pump’ or a fun little dance or a special treat (like salsa & chips!), taking a few seconds to celebrate your completions will keep your energy flowing more consistently – which will then support your actions and results to do the same!

* LET GO OF YOUR JUDGMENTS! More than anything, it’s our judgments that disempower us. We think we ‘should’ have such-and-such by now. We think we ‘shouldn’t’ be feeling the way we do or in the situation we are in. We label things as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’. We compare ourselves to others. Consider this illustration:


When you see ‘I am nowhere’ – notice how your judgment disempowers you and creates feelings of fear, hopelessness, pressure and anxiety. When you are willing to let go of your judgment, you’ll see only that ‘I am now here’. Then, given that, you can choose how to respond to the situation – from an empowered and abundant perspective.

* HAVE FUN – EVERY DAY! To play is to recreate – to ‘re-create’! If you’re in a stressful situation – isn’t that what you most want to be able to do in response, i.e. to ‘re-create’ it? Need I say more?

Whenever we encounter challenges, breakdowns, obstacles and emergencies on our Journey of Abundance, it is true that we must respond by taking ACTION – preferably empowered and abundant action.

Think of it like this. Imagine that you are in a large convention hall and all the lights are out – it’s pitch black. As a result, you grope and fumble your way along the wall until you feel a light switch panel – which you promptly flip on so as to have some light in the convention hall.

Well – the lights went on… but each and every overhead light in the room was merely a 2-watt light bulb – like a single Christmas tree light. Needless to say, the amount of light you have in the convention hall is not exactly what you had in mind.

Now imagine the same scenario – only this time, instead of a bunch of 2-watt light bulbs in each of the overhead fixtures, they are all 2000-watt light bulbs. How much light will you have then as a result? Quite a bit, right?

Now – and here is the purpose of my sharing this story with you – notice how the ACTION you took in both scenarios was exactly the same. You found the light switch and you flipped it on. That’s it. Yet – depending on the amount of energy (or electrical current) that was flowing through the light bulbs – you had completely different results.

Your ‘Emergency Road Kit’ is designed to support you to have 2000-watt energy flowing through the actions you take – rather than 2-watt energy. It’s the same action – but what a difference in terms of results!

Next time you encounter a challenge or stressful situation that triggers your ‘default’ mode of scarcity, pull out your ‘Road Kit’ and empower yourself to respond abundantly!


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