Personal Development, The Blueprint of Your Success. By John Hackett Ed.D.

Personal Development, The Blueprint of Your Success.

This month’s topic of personal development is fascinating to me and leads to a simple question. Would you build a house without a blueprint?

Personal growth is a critical factor in the success of Network Marketers or any organization or leader in any field. We know the benefits and research by groups such as O.C.Tanner and Flashpoint leadership are citing huge gains on engagement and success with definite personal development plans.

We also know that in a world characterized by rapid change personal development is essential to success.

In my practice as a coach and trainer and as an adjunct professor of doctoral candidates who are leaders in their fields I am always amazed at the variety of haphazard approaches taken to developing personal development plans.  Most report there is a value to personal development but report they go to a conference once in a while, attend as directed by their supervisor or attend only really interesting events. Few report they have a definite plan for personal development in their work. In my opinion this may be especially true for Independent contractors and entrepreneurs who may lack a formal structure for personal development

Interestingly many of these same people I coach and work with are runners or triathletes with a definite personal growth plan in exercise and diet to be successful. Success as a network marketer requires a definite plan to be successful. If you would have a personal development plan for success as an athlete wouldn’t it make sense to have a personal development for your business?

Would you build a house without a blueprint?

My thinking on this point was reinforced recently as I attended a regional spring meeting of direct sellers with my wife. Some of the direct sellers in attendance noted that outside factors, the economy, the products the company provide them to sell or when they released new products, company support, and personal life circumstances were the reasons for their success or lack of it. Recognition is a huge part of these events and interestingly I observed the same people in line for the high achievement recognition as I have seen in years past at similar events. Having attended many such events as my wife is one of those high achievers, I started to ask my self what is the reason it is mostly the same people? I did some field research and in talking to some of these high achievers at dinners or breaks one thing became crystal clear to me. Every one of these high achievers had a passion for personal development, to learn, grow, apply and share what they learned with everyone they came in contact with. They were literal “sponges” as they talked together about ideas and learnings and ways to improve their business, their teams, and their lives. In these conversations the energy and excitement were notable and contagious These high achievers also never missed a leadership class during the conference, unlike some others who took a break.

These high achievers had a definite focus on personal growth and a blueprint they followed to learn and grow.

My reflection on my learnings from the high achievers at this conference and my own experiences as a coach, professor, and leader over the past forty-eight years confirm for me that the more high achievers developed continuous Intentional personal development plans the better the chances of success.

This insight leads me to four major conclusions about personal development.

  1. Personal development is to steal a Margret Heffernan phrase “The Secret Sauce” of success. The high achievers I talked to and observed clearly understood the value of a personal development plan or blueprint and were successful in large part to their commitment to their blueprint

  2. These high achievers were aware that outside influences can always affect business. Their dedication to continuous, intentional personal growth prepared these high achievers and their teams to respond rather than react to outside events and be successful.

  3. These High achievers are never complacent due to their success or title. They understood that personal development is a lifetime journey. They also understood they needed to lead themselves that as  John Maxwell as said “the hardest person for me to lead is John Maxwell”

  4. These high achievers understood as leaders that they were models of personal growth for their teams of direct sellers, their customers and families. They developed those around them to be better learners and leaders. They understand what Jeff Imler, CEO of GE said in an interview with Harry Kraemer, past CEO of Baxter International


    Harry, I am trying to figure out how to be a better leader for my GE team around the world”

What might this blueprint plan look like? Let us consider some questions to ponder based on the acronym PLAN

P=Plan your blueprint based on your Why?

     What is your passion?

      What moves you to get up early and work late? I suggest you view Simon Sinek’s “the Golden Circle” TED Talk, look in the mirror (the best personal leadership assessment tool)

L= learnings and applications informed by data.

     What does your productivity or achievement report information tell you about where you need to grow? What do those who love you honestly tell you? Please remember this data is information not judgment.

A=Applicable to your particular settings with review and the ability to adjust as needed

     What is happening in your industry, are there new trends or opportunities to learn about?

     What is happening in industries that affect your business?

     One good example is considering how Social Media is affecting your business. Would a workshop or training on the use of social media be helpful

N= Notify all who will support you with your Blueprint and hold you accountable in your personal development.

    Who could be a support, an accountability partner or a coach?

    How often should you review your plan?

A solid, well thought out committed, the continuous personal development plan is like a blueprint for a house. The better the preparation planning and use of resources considering all the best opportunities, the better the results for you in your Network Marketing business, your team and those you touch every day. My wish is that you follow the blueprint and build a great house.

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 John Hackett, Ed. D is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, writer, and leader in a variety of educational and other nonprofit and direct sales settings. He has 46 years of professional experience. He has trained, coached, and consulted with school districts, universities, social service agencies, and churches and direct sales organizations, police departments and law firms. He is a growing, learning entrepreneur in coaching and training who is passionate about equipping leaders to develop other leaders to serve.

 He has been married for 41 years to Becki a 40-year entrepreneur and had three daughters and two grandsons

John is a certified trainer and coach with the Direct Selling World Alliance. He can be contacted to provide training coaching or consulting at either

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