Personal Development is Personal (and Commitment is the Key) by Michael York

Michael YorkWhat would you like to change about your life? About your work? About your legacy? It’s available! Are you available? That’s the question. Commitment is Cool. And what’s even cooler is how it can lead you to remarkable results. One of the great myths of top performance and big success is that it’s all about motivation. It’s motivational speakers and motivating sales people and paying the price and blah, blah, blah.

News flash: Motivation is temporary. Success in anything demands the constant of commitment…Yours.

Commitment is stronger than motivation. But before you can commit, to anyone or anything, you must believe. Walt Disney once said of making dreams come true, “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.”  NULL Commitments are a big part of personal development. And life and work and relationships and getting the most from each. It’s just another reason why personal development is so… well, personal. Because some of the things I’ve committed to might not hold the same “personal” value to you. And visa versa.

Commitment means you resolve to do what it takes on a consistent basis, even when you don’t feel very motivated.

Like today. Or maybe tomorrow. What have you committed to that means no matter how you “feel” you’re keeping on? Your marriage? Parenting? Your work? Selling? Reading? Listening? Writing? Teaching? What have you committed to? The clues of success are yesterday’s wisdom and today’s revelation all rolled into one. They are historic clues and visionary thinking. But the reason you absolutely must be something or see something or become something… is personal. And it requires a commitment on your part to arrive at your desired destination. Become a History Major! History can give you the model to high achievement. The clues, the stories, the successes, the way others did it. The only thing you shouldn’t accept from history is why it’s never been done before. That’s the limitations of the past. And this is The Future. The impossible is done everyday, somewhere. You could be next in line for breakthrough success. Learn the lessons of history, the clues of success, and the wisdom of others and bring your commitment to see where it can take you. Epictetus (like Shakespeare, but older) was on to something in the second century… “First say to yourself what you would be; And then do what you have to do.” How can you become better at Commitment? Make it Personal. Here’s my short list: 1. Commit to Beginning. Beginning to do what you’ve never done to become what you’ve never been.

Beginning is exciting. It’s an adventure to start something. At least try looking at it from that uncommon perspective.

The clichés of the masters aren’t all clichés. It is true that you don’t have to be great to start something, but you do have to start something to become great. 2. Commit to Thinking. What if Napoleon Hill were right? Think… and grow rich. What if there really was something to Sir Isaac Newton’s answer to the question on how he discovered the law of gravity? “I thought about it all the time.” How about Ralph Waldo Emerson’s clue, “We become what we think about all day long?” Hmmm. The evidence begins to pile up if you become a good student of top performance. Think. Deeply. And then capture your thoughts on paper. Before you know it, you’ve got a vision and written goals on how to get there. 3. Commit to Giving. Giving makes you bigger than you are. The more you give, the more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour into you. What are you thankful for? What have you been given in life? And how do you measure what you have? Try measuring your worth not in dollars or possessions, but the things in your life for which you would not take money. Priceless things… not for sale at any price. 4. Commit to LIFE.

Don’t trade living for existing. Living and Loving are an unbeatable combination.

I love hearing one of my teachers for over 25 years, talk about how he spends each day with his “redhead” and how he loves her more today than ever. Love stories are compelling. Life stories are inspiring. How many people do you know that struggle through each day, just like the one before… uninspired, complaining, discouraged, grumpy, how disappointing. They say they’re disappointed in how their life’s worked out, but life is likewise disappointed in what these individuals have settled for. What is it about your life that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE? And what would you change if you “believed” you could? 5. Commit to Becoming. Becoming is amazing. What are you in the process of becoming?

True success is in THE BECOMING! And often the amazing is built on the simplest of foundations.

What have you begun to do better than ever before? How are you designing and creating and planning and beginning for the success of your life? In my book, “Becoming Uncommon” I share several passages from my personal journals on very private times with my family and friends. Personal development is personal. I include those passages so you can understand the power of words in conveying your love for someone or something. Don’t say you can’t do it, because you can… if only you will. Say you won’t try it, but don’t say you can’t do it. If you sit down and look at a photo album, or you think of childhood memories, or being a newlywed, or whatever; the words will come to you. It may seem awkward at first, but love deserves you making the attempt. Don’t wait till you can do it well.

Anything worth doing is worth doing POORLY, until you can do it well.

The rewards are amazing, give it a try. 6. Commit to Leading. Leading doesn’t really take any courage at all, in spite of what you may have heard and read. People are being led down the wrong path every day in life, or work, or business and they think they’re doing the right thing. Followers following followers, leaders in disguise. But leadership, true leadership, is different. Finding your own path, going against the grain may not be popular, but if you’re in the smaller percentage group of top performers, high achievers, believers, etc. you’re leading… EVEN IF NO ONE IS FOLLOWING YOU!

True leaders don’t produce more followers; they strive to produce more leaders. Leaders who are leading and know where they are going, even if no one is following them at the moment.

What would you like to change about your life? About your work? About your legacy? It’s available! Are you available? That’s the question. 7. Commit to Winning. Some would have you believe that it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. It doesn’t matter… until you lose! Then you realize how much you’d really rather win. Winning is daily. Winning is terrific. A winner or champion is someone we’re attracted to. It’s someone you want to be, and you can. One of the subtle deceptions in this life is to chase only financial rewards. To take your eyes off the real prize of life and living and to pursue gold, money, things, stuff… instead of fighting the good fight, doing the daily disciplines that can lead us to greater success in life. Making money is illegal. It’s called “counterfeiting” and that’s what the majority of individuals are out there doing everyday. Pretending they’re something they aren’t. Money is something we attract by the person we become or the value we bring to the marketplace. It is not the finish line or the pr
ize worthy of all our time, energy and efforts. Not something to exchange the pieces of our lives for of the greatest worth. For those that money cannot buy. Some clichés are true, like all work and no play making you dull. But some aren’t, like time is money. Time is so much more. If you only knew how special you are right now in the eyes of a child.”

Commitment is personal. Bring your commitment in these 10 areas and see how it “becomes you.”

Here are the 10: Becoming Thinking Understanding Beginning Striving Loving Living Leading Giving Winning Committed yet?


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