Persuasion vs Manipulation How to Become a Double Diamond by Jill Ammon-Wexler

Jill Ammon-WexlerIn the end, what you want to do is to BECOME THE PERSON YOUR GOAL BELONGS TO. In this article I reveal how to unleash the POWER OF POSITIVE BELIEF in your life.

Why are beliefs important? Because our beliefs are the driving force behind our actions, and our actions dictate our end results.

How I Became a Double Diamond Many years back a friend introduced me to a product being marketed by a multi-level organization – blue green algae. I was literally shocked at the surge of energy I get from the eating the stuff, and became a distributor just so I could buy it for my own use. Over just the first couple of weeks I really began to believe in the algae. My energy was high, I had less desire for sweets, and I felt great. So yes, I began to tell my close friends and give them samples from my own supply. NULL

Many of them became distributors to get their own supply. So though I didn’t really intend to, I started to build my own multi-level downline.

At the time I really didn’t care. I just believed in the stuff, and the passion of my belief persuaded my friends to give it a try.

My highly successful upline executive contacted me and asked how I was building my business. Well until that moment I did NOT realize I was “building a business.” My approach of sharing my passionate belief had just motivated people several levels down to use the same approach with their friends. To make the story short, I became a top Double Diamond distributor in only 10 months from the first day I tasted the product. I was making a sizable five figure income. How Can YOU Do This? I was really successful as a direct result of my belief in the product! We each have our own set of beliefs and assumptions for every area of our life: Money, success, relationships, body image the list goes on and on. Your beliefs may seem a mystery, but they are basically simply emotion-packed thoughts you think over and over again, until they become automatic. An Example of Beliefs in Action As a professional success mentor, one of the entrepreneurs I work with recently asked why he always failed to achieve his financial goals. Edward (not his real name) said he wants more money in his life. And he keeps on taking actions intended to create more money; but each attempt just falls flat. This has gone on for years. So I asked him to tell me what he BELIEVED about having more money in his life. Here’s a list of beliefs he provided:

I just cannot seem to make any more money, I guess I have just already hit my financial peak, I really CAN get along OK without more money, and The tax man will just take it anyway. I do not want to sell my soul just for more money .

So… Edward revealed he BELIEVES he would have to sell his soul to get more money in his life, and the tax man would just take it anyway. And he also believes he has hit his peak financially, and really CAN get along without more money.

This set of beliefs does NOT support his desire to have more money in his life.

Edward’s financial goals definitely fly in the face of his beliefs. And in fact, he had unwittingly used his beliefs against himself for years. But once we pulled his beliefs out into the daylight of his rational conscious mind, they lost a good deal of their power. But the next step he took is what you need to know about. Edward began to seriously use visualization and subliminal programming to FIRST renovate his beliefs about money. And he almost immediately began to see shifts in his ability to achieve his previously impossible goals. Old limiting beliefs CAN be replaced with success-affirming positive thoughts. Putting This to Work in YOUR Life Do YOU believe in the business or product you represent? If NOT, that would place you in a position of trying to convince (manipulate) your prospects to try your product, or become a business builder. Anyone (and everyone) can tell the difference between positive passionate excitement and an attempt to manipulate them. A recent scientific study even proved this is true on the telephone! If you DO passionately believe in your product, but do NOT believe in your own ability to share it with others – that is a entirely different problem. The only way to overcome this is to create new positive beliefs. Creating a New Positive Belief There’s something very important I want to share with you: It does NOT matter if you believe these new positive beliefs about yourself at first. Your mind is a creature of habit.

The more often you focus on your new positive beliefs, the faster they will be taken into your subconscious mind and replace your old limiting beliefs! This will build your ability to use passion-based persuasion rather than manipulation.

In the end, what you want to do is to BECOME THE PERSON YOUR GOAL BELONGS TO. Work on yourself and your beliefs first – your business will then begin to grow itself! Here’s a Special Gift for You: I would like to personally invite you to come experience the amazing power of scientific personal power building. The below link will take you to a special page that will let you fully experience the Self Growth Planet for 10 days for only a buck. And while you are there, be sure to download a free copy of my Law of Attraction course – it will fire up new levels of belief in your yourself.


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