Playing to Win Without Losing the House By David Feinstein

They say is not a game, but it can feel like it sometimes.

Life can mean some risk-taking if one is bold enough. For those who prefer quieter waters; there are some tools available. This is the time to decide if winning big is the right path for you.

Play Big or Go Home

Some people play for the bigger rewards. This is fine for them, but they know they can suffer a huge setback as well. They have the experience and tenacity to risk it all. They have had to gain experience from the younger part of their careers.

Other people will not take risks. They could have had a bad experience before. They lack the experience and knowledge to try. That doesn’t mean that at another point in time they will not risk a bit more. One can have a defeatist attitude.

Overcoming a Cautious Nature

One can be bold and achieve more from life. A reluctant nature is often a double-edged sword. It can protect one from major issues. It could also destroy some potential successes as well. Even risk-takers must examine all of the available data. Before deciding to take a chance.

To start overcoming a hesitant nature the best place to start is with the mindset. The mind is a powerful tool. Start looking at ways to achieve better and faster results. Examine all opportunities and weigh the pros and cons of them. Then take a risk that may be some form of investment but won’t break you in the end.

Big Plays can Mean Big Payoffs

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David Feinstein
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