Podcasting: A brilliant network marketing communication tool! by LeRoy Maughan

LeRoy MaughanDiscover a great way to do as Walter Wriston suggests and “blow the competition away” by “harnessing the collective genius of the people in YOUR organization.” “The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of the people in his or her organization is going to blow the competition away.”
Walter Wriston Was Walter Wriston (see above quote) a network marketer? I don’t know, but with that kind of insight I want him on my team. Imagine creating the exact networking experiences and business building successes you’re wanting by executing your plan with passion and persistence. Imagine gaining the insights, ideas and strategies for your plan by listening to the voices of wise and experienced networkers. Imagine being inspired daily by encouraging words, thought-provoking comments, practical ideas and guidance on important, relevant topics from credible people with real-time experience. NULL  Also, picture yourself simply recording your own thought gems or training tips and making them easily available as bite-size segments to your team players and associates. Finally, envision yourself and the important others in your life accessing these powerful thoughts and ideas whenever and wherever you or they want; either directly from a portable iPod-like device or from your desktop computer at your home office. This experience is everyday reality for millions of people who use and love the power of “podcasting.” Podcasts are simple, highly specific audio and/or video recordings that are automatically downloaded from the Internet to PCs and mobile MP3 players. Have It Your Way Podcasting is a new and versatile way to personalize the distribution of audio and video information. The term Podcast is a blended term, taken from “iPod,” the name of Apple’s unbelievably popular MP3 player and the verb “broadcast.” Podcasts are subscribed to by listeners and thereafter automatically downloaded to their personal computer and MP3 device (e.g. Apple iPod). Podcasts serve up volumes of information segmented into right-sized and selectable episodes for easy and thorough consumption at your convenience. You listen to them (or watch them) when and where you want. Podcasts let you enhance your commute or your drive from home to and from wherever. They let you exercise your mind while you’re engaged in your physical workout.

You can turn literally turn anytime into insightful, motivational, learning time by easily immersing yourself in the most important personal and professional topics which are of interest to you.

Podcasts allow you to simply manage the flow of content to you from the voices of those you admire, respect and trust. You chose the content, the pace and volume of information you receive. Ride the Wave The broad acceptance of digital audio devices like the iPod is quickly fueling the demand for digital audio music and spoken-word content. There are over 100 Million MP3 playing devices in the market already. Apple has sold over 58 million iPods to date and Microsoft has just announced their own device and delivery service named Zune, to be released under the XBox brand. These two companies will accelerate the pace of the feature and pricing race, driving mass acceptance and increasing consumer demand for the devices as well as the content to played on them. The Zune is rumored to support WiFi Wireless Networking capabilities, allowing it to connect to the Internet and receive downloaded content whenever it is within the range of any “WiFi Hotspot.” WiFi Hotspots are now found in a growing number of airports, public libraries, hotels, office zones, popular coffee shops, bookstores, colleges, work areas and personal residences. Cell phones are also fast becoming a popular MP3 playing device, capable of receiving and playing podcasts. With their wireless connectivity and the expanding capacity of memory add-in cards (soon to reach 4 GBs) the common cell phone will soon be a natural and widely used device for podcast listening. Reach Your Goals Successful distributors from leading Network Marketing companies look for more effective and creative ways to: 1) sell value by linking product knowledge to customer’s real needs and wants, 2) approach new people to gain increasing confidence in recruiting skills, 3) enhance application skills, 4) improve their leadership and management skills to mentor, coach and retain distributors. A Utah-based company, Podango, has emerged as an innovative leader in the world of podcasting. Podango’s primary innovation is that they have taken podcasting to an entirely new level of effectiveness through the establishment of Podcast Stations. Interestingly, Podango’s stated mission aligns very naturally with basic network marketing goals. It reads, “We create measurable, differentiating advantages for communities, organizations, and people by improving their communication, learning, knowledge sharing and retention. We will win by enabling stronger trust connections between people and helping them engage in richer, more focused and authentic conversations.” “We see the Network Marketing Industry as a perfect fit for podcasting and podcast stations,” says Podango President, Doug Smith. “Each station is operated by a Station Director who organizes well managed collections of podcasts that promote personal development, self motivation, continuous learning, industry awareness and knowledge, company and product specific education.” Listeners rely upon their Station Director to sift through all the podcasts, sorting them and prioritizing them into a simple, tailored topical offering. “It is like shopping at a mall where everything is custom fit, color coordinated and designed specifically for the consumer,” Smith claims. “The only size in the store is your size. Think of the personal value of information that is sifted, sorted, prioritized, and in some cases summarized to meet your individual needs and wants. This is one of the key podcasting activities of Podango go!Station Directors.” Smith says Network Marketing Station Directors deliberately strive to keep their Network Marketing subscribers “On Top of Their Game” by organizing, managing and making vitally important podcasts easily available to them to help them “sell more product, recruit more distributors, and retain them longterm.” Beyond making podcasts available, Station Directors facilitate conversations among the network marketers they serve by moderating dialogues between top performers, and conducting interviews with company leaders, product formulators, business development trainers, support services personnel and product users. Smith says, “The Station Director’s primary purpose and intent is to create a community of well informed, better trained and self-motivated distributors who are prepared to contribute their experiences, insights, desire and skills to that of other distributors.

The result is an increasing pool of collective knowledge and shared experience which becomes a powerful and pervasive influence on the individuals served and the communities helped. The entire marketplace is enhanced”

Get Personal Podcasting, like blogging, takes a more informal, personable and conversational approach to idea sharing, much like a radio talk show. The most effective podcasts achieve a connection which is more personal, intimate, interactive and meaningful to listeners. The reason is simple: these formats are more wide open, spontaneous and consumer friendly. This kind of spontenaity is preferred to a scripted, rehearsed and flawlessly edited media event. Interview-based podcasts allow the podcaster to interact with the guest speaker by asking questions and setting up scenarios to unveil meaningful insights, or valuable recollections of shaping experiences and/or impactful turning points. Th
e best podcasters seek to find and hear the story behind the story; drawing out memorable encounters with people, places and things. The personal anecdotes and testimonials which emerge add to the lively, interactive experience. Listeners typically sign up for a podcast channel to automatically receive a series of episodes scheduled for release whenever new podcast material is available. Currently there are more than 55,000 podcasts available in the market and new ones are popping up daily on a very broad variety of specific topics. Most podcasts are free to the listener, supported by advertising and sponsorship dollars. Many companies are beginning to see the serious value of podcasting as a means of reaching highly targeted niche market audiences.


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