Posting in ‘The Positive.’ By Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

Posting in ‘The Positive.’ By Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

Best-selling author of What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

Using social media to build your personal brand and your business is an essential tool for network marketers today. But social media advisors often overlook one of the most important ingredients in successful social media marketing: Posting in ‘The Positive.’

That means writing your posts with an attitude that is always clearly ‘up,’ and positive.

Here’s why posting in the positive is so important. When you post in the positive, people will read it in the positive –– and when they focus on positive thoughts, they’re actually growing more neurons in the left pre-frontal cortex of their brain. That’s a part of the brain that helps people find solutions and solve problems. (‘Down’ or ‘negative’ posts force people to dwell in the right prefrontal cortex of their brain, which is the part of the brain where defeat and failure live.)

People today are bombarded with negatives from all sides, which keeps them living in the negative part of their brain. And when they’re living in the negative part of the brain they can’t see opportunities and possibilities. So your prospects are often living in a mental environment that is negative. They look for reasons why your business opportunity won’t work, instead of seeing it for the opportunity that could change their lives for the better.

When you write social media posts that highlight the positive, you help lift your prospect out of the doldrums of negative despair (out of the right prefrontal cortex) and into the part of the brain that let’s them see themselves winning instead of focusing on everything that can’t work or won’t work.

The bottom line: When your prospect doesn’t think your opportunity will work for him or her, it’s almost never really about the opportunity you’re presenting; it’s about their own negative thoughts and negative mental programs, fed by media, social media, and the world around them, and always reinforced by their own negative mental programs.

To win, you have to bring your prospects out of the negative mindset they’re used to, and create a positive mindset of possibilities they can begin to see. Your positive social media posts may not change their thinking over night, but what you post each day should always show them what they can do, instead of what they believe they cannot.

Give your prospects visual pictures of their own possibilities, opportunities, and success. Let them know you see the real picture of what your business can do for them. Don’t be afraid to use words like: “I believe in you. You can do this, and you know you can.” “You were born to succeed!” “Now is your time, and today is the day!” When you write or post, fill your readers’ minds with pictures of their own unlimited futures. Lift them out of their negative thoughts of the day, and show them, with positive energy and belief, what they can do and achieve with you.

Write your next post in the super positive. And every post you write thereafter, do the same. Write it in the positive, and watch what happens.

A final note: Make sure your own mindset is positive. Listen to positive self-talk every day. Counter every doubt, or fear, or uncertainty, with a clear, strong determination to succeed. The more you listen to positive self-talk, the more your own mental programs will be wired to think in the positive, and the more your social media messages will reflect the positive, winning person you are. That’s what a leader does.

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