Posturing for Profits in Network Marketing by David Nelson

Developing and maintaining the proper posture and action in network marketing drives you to create the success you desire and deserve. For network marketing profits, posture is just as important as knowledge. A proper posture or stature in network marketing is…

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David Nelson

David Nelson has been a full-time, network marketing professional for over 25 years. He has a successful track record as a distributor and trainer. He’s had over 100 articles published in industry trade publications. David has a total commitment to network marketing and the viability of network marketing as a home-based business enterprise for part-timers and newcomers, and not just the select few full-time recruiters. Because of this philosophy, Cutting Edge Media labeled David the “Protector of the Part-Timer.” Cutting Edge Media also published his book: Create Your Fortune in Network Marketing: A Part-Time Distributor’s Guide to Financial Success.

Prior to network marketing, he was a Sales Manager for Procter & Gamble and a District Sales Manager for Johnson Baby Products Company. In addition, he owned and operated the David Nelson Securities Schools of Denver and Dallas, teaching and training stock brokers and company executives how to pass the NASD license qualification examinations.

David graduated number one in his class with an MBA from Brigham Young University after earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He lives in Centennial, Colorado with his wife, Nanette. They have four children, Mark, Scott, Dana, and Craig and 11 grandchildren — ten grandsons.

David was the number one money earner with a nutritional network marketing company for over seven years. He has consistently been a top money earner in network marketing.

He is a founder of the JDI Team™ a distributor support organization, which is established to help networkers make money in network marketing. He is a host of weekly, live, interactive conference calls helping distributors learn the business and build a bonus check. He loves network marketing and has a passion for doing the business.
David Nelson
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