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David_SolomonThere are almost always multiple ways to skin a cat, but I believe it is always easier to go back to the well – back to the people that have already demonstrated their affection, respect and trust for you – than to pursue strangers.

If you doubt that, ask yourself, is it easier to get money from people that know, like and trust you, or from someone you’ve just met for the first time?

Of course it the aforementioned group, every time and twice on Sunday’s!

But how do you do it?  How do you reconnect without looking like a stereotypical salesperson?  How do you do it without feeling vulnerable?  How do you do it without appearing desperate, having them feel like they are your Guinea Pigs or worse?  How do you do it without risking your self esteem?

Many people at the forefront of their industries would agree that “content” is key.  I will not disagree but what else can you do without the demands of designing, implementing and managing a deliberate “content marketing” campaign?

What about appreciation efforts that deepen relationships and dramatically increase repeat business, referrals and long term client value?


Would it catch your attention if it could double or even triple your income from repeat business, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities?  What if it could increase your income from referrals by more than 33%?  What if it could increase the long-term value of your client by 75% or more?

I know it sounds crazy but those are national statistics for companies that embrace appreciation marketing!

So how do you do it?

What about cards that simply say thanks?


What about cards that recognize holidays and other important days in your prospects life like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.?  What about small, but thoughtful gifts?  Cookies or jelly beans; Starbucks or AMEX Gift Cards; office accessories or artwork; jewelry or decorative items?  Click on www.LoyaltyIsEarned.com for a free (gift) account and send a personalized card (using the USPS) to someone you love or appreciate in as little as 5 minutes.

National Speaker Dotti Berry has one suggestion that I’ve been embracing for the last few years.  It’s called the EPIC Codewww.EPICConnector.com and it enables you to give enormous value to your prospect, in as little as 90 seconds, while also getting all the information you need to know exactly how to connect and motivate your prospect to take action on your offering.  Click on the link now to get your EPIC Code Report (a $79 value) and see for yourself.

Once you know your prospect well and you’re sending the periodic cards and gifts to stay at the top of your prospects mind, what’s next?

I believe that’s the time to go deeper!  That’s the time to categorize your database into the 4 EPIC Code categories and design the drip campaigns appropriate for each category.


No significant investment is needed, since digital efforts like text messaging, email, eFax and social media communications can go a long way.  But there are a few things to consider…  1. What medium is best for each prospect category; 2. What should that categories communication include, in terms of the messages length, theme, language, etc.; 3.  How often should a message be sent to that category of prospects; and 4. What, if anything, should supplement the message i.e.: discount offers; B.O.G.O’s; special event invitations; V.I.P. services, etc.

This last part is where creativity is required, because you must protect your margins, but put yourself in your clients shoes and get some ideas on paper.  You will be amazed at what you come up with and how far it can take you!

For additional information or to submit your questions or comments, email me directly at David@AppreciationAgency.com.

In the meantime, happy prospecting!
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