Wouldn’t it be great if a large number of your contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook suddenly reached out to you?

That would be so much better than you trying to contact each one of them, wouldn’t it?

As the original developer of the most effective strategies for building your network marketing business using social networks, I have defined eleven (11) separate actions you can take that will immediately cause people to reach out to you.

Many of those people will pleasantly surprise you. They may be contacts you barely know because you friended them a while ago, and haven’t heard from them in a long time.

Shockingly Simple. Impressive Results!

Some of these actions are so shockingly simple that you won’t believe they could possibly generate so much of a response. However, I predict you’ll be impressed and amazed at just how effective they are at causing people to message you.

You want to get as many people reaching out to you as possible. That way you can engage in online conversations with them. During those conversations, you may determine if they’d be a good fit for what you offer.  The more people you interact with, the more likely that some of them will have a need or an interest in what you offer.

Three Things To Get You Started

While I don’t have the space to provide all 11 strategies for you here in this article, I want to start you off with 3 of the best. Doing these simple things can generate immediate and significant results for you.

1 Adjust your personal settings

To ensure the maximum number of people will see your posts, you must change your personal settings. You will go from being “invisible” to becoming “invincible” once your settings allow the public to see what you’re posting. I’ll cover the exact steps in adjusting your settings properly in another article, or you can simply join me on any of my many weekly free “Ask Max” webinars. Here’s my calendar: https://maxsteingart.com/webinars/cal.html

2 Change Your Profile Photo

You’ll be astounded as to how well this can work. By simply changing your profile photo, many people will reconnect with you. You’ll get “Likes” and “Comments” from people you may not have heard from in a long time.

This opens the door to beginning online conversations with them since they reached out to you first.

There are good ways and better ways to post a photo of yourself. I’ll go into more detail at another time, but the most basic rules are that you want a photo of yourself that is clear. Keep the background simple with few distractions. Make sure it’s in focus and well-lit. You want your face to be clearly seen, not some far-away shot with you standing in the shadows. You want to look good in the photo.

This point is important. The picture should be of you alone.

It’s very confusing for viewers to see several people in your profile picture, or have the pic be of your pet or something else that is not YOU. Remember, it’s called Facebook for a reason. LOL.

3 Create A New Business

There’s a section in your profile where you can list your current business. When you create a new one it triggers a notification that goes out to all your present contacts. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who will give you a “Like” and/or ask a question, or send congratulations.

Be careful in what you name your new “business” as you don’t want to give away too much information and you must avoid hype. For example, you wouldn’t want to call your new business something like “MLM Millionaire Makers”. 

Points To Keep In Mind

So there you have 3 very powerful but simple actions you can take right now that will generate immediate results.

If you do those 3 things correctly, you’ll have many people reaching out to you that you have not been in contact with for a while. That provides you with the ability to start a conversation with them.

Remember, your goal is to have a conversation. You don’t want to bonk them on the head with a pitch for your business right away. Be social. Engage in conversation. In my training, I show you how to correctly steer that conversation to your business in those circumstances where it’s appropriate.

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