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LindaYates1Change is an incredible power source. Remember we are always moving. Either forward or backward. The alarm clock rings at 4:45 a.m. on Monday morning and the week is started! As I start my workout and try to get the weekend cobwebs out of my head, the mental task lists start whirling. I am very interested in how individuals and businesses get momentum going and keep it going or what I would like to term, “Power Source.” What gets you going? What keeps you going? Do you feel stalled at this point in your life? Is your business stalled?

If we examine what things we do in our day or experiences that we encounter that feed us energy, then we can begin to build on that knowledge.

With that knowledge we can create mechanisms and/or systems that will carry us through days that we feel we cannot take another step. If we expect ourselves to be able to give to those that are counting on us, then we need to recognize what power source we need to be operating at full capacity. NULL A good analogy is when you travel on an airplane and the flight attendant advises you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help those around you. Funny, how it is easier to give and wear ourselves down; when if we make ourselves a priority we could give so much more. A colleague of mine is energized when it is a rainy and cloudy day. She is what is termed a “cave person”. She likes it darker in her work space. She also prefers the blinds on the windows closed when she is at home. We use to laugh about this because I am the complete opposite. I am energized by the sun or rather, “solar powered”. I can be stressed, worn out and discouraged but looking out a window or walking outside can turn all of that negative energy around and I feel renewed. Do you notice a difference when you change your sleep, exercise or eating habits? Our bodies are like an engine on a car. They need attention and maintenance. Are you drawn to positive individuals? Are you experiencing negativity in your life?

The power is within you to make changes that only you can make.

Traveling across the United State and working roughly 80 hour weeks and meeting, entertaining and wooing thousands of individuals and businesses each year, it was a priority to learn where I garner power. Once I realized what I needed, the next opportunity was to be disciplined in seeking those power sources. Some individuals feel motivated by doing deals. If this is you, do you have systems in place to increase your odds in closing those deals?

The more we understand our mental and emotional makeup the more effective we can be in all aspects of our lives.

If you are willing to take the challenge, get a pen and a paper and answer the following questions:

When do you feel the most energy during a 24 hour period? Who do you feel the most confident around? What is it about the individual that helps promote this feeling within you? What foods do you feel energized from after you eat them? What do you enjoy doing in your daily life? How many hours of sleep do you need to have to feel like you are on top of your game? What type of exercise do you find enjoyable and have experienced awesome results from? What negativity do you need removed from your life? What is it that gets you out of bed on Monday mornings? What can you do today to change your life? Who are the individuals in your life that can encourage you in your quest? What is it about your work that you find enjoyable and motivating? What systems can you put in place to enhance momentum?

As you answer these questions the answers may be hard to accept, but that is where true power comes from. Change is an incredible power source. Remember we are always moving. Either forward or backward. May you have the courage to find the power within you!


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