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Steve_DaileyShift your mindset to relying on your ability to invent new approaches  My son and I were driving home from a Boy Scout meeting the other night and he pointed out a very bright star in the sky – standing out all by itself just as the moon was rising. He asked me to remind him what that thing was that we say when we wish on the first star we see. I complied, “Star light, star bright, first star I see to night, I wish I may I wish I might…” I heard him whispering the rhythmic words under his breath – then in an even more quiet whisper as he was making his wish. We were silent. Then he asked expectantly, “Dad, did you make a wish?” I said, “Oh no…do you think I should?” He said, “Absolutely!” So off I went, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…” then I, too, was quiet as I pondered my intended prediction for the future. NULL

A few moments of silence passed. Then suddenly my boy solemnly said, “Dad.” “What son” I answered expecting a profound observation about wishing on stars or the secret to life in his young mind…maybe even a tender share as to what he had wished for. Then he said, “We just wished on an airplane.” We both cracked up uncontrollably for the next mile. An airplane! We were putting our most tender hopes and dreams on the light of an airplane – not a magical, far away celestial creation at all. Bummer. What are you putting your hopes and dreams on right now?

Many business people I am talking to lately are allowing their current circumstances to determine or calibrate their hopes and dreams.

They are seeing difficult times, weak cash flow, confusing buying behavior, resistance to marketing efforts that previously worked and concluding, “I guess this is just the way it’s going to be.” You see the people with this mindset are on the path to eventual collapse under the weight of their own disillusionment. They are allowing their current circumstances to predict their future. Others – and unfortunately a minority by comparison – are taking a different tact though. Their hopes and dreams are being newly created. They are designing new stances, new approaches and new attitudes. They are actually having fun with experimentation, exploration and innovation. Their predictions for the future are not based on current circumstances at all, but instead based on, well… the future.

The most successful people I know are predicting the future by inventing it right where they are.

This is a critical mind set. Don’t expect that doing the same things you have been doing – which are likely not working the same as they once did – will at some point magically start producing a different result. Shift your mindset to relying on your ability to invent new approaches and products and services and delivery methods and pricing schemes and incentives…all with the expectation that your innovation will stimulate a new result…literally predicting a new future by inventing it. Try it. You’ve nothing to lose. Predict the future by inventing it. Coach Dailey AchievementBridge – We Coach You Win [email protected]



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