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DavidLFeinsteinxSome MLM business owners use technology as a tool to help clarify their methods of operation. MLM business owners need to be prepared to have their game plan ready before every event, they are hosting. The world of MLM business depends on the readiness of every member but the owners are responsible for having everything in order. The game plan is vital in recruiting new distributors or prospects for your downline. You will need to have everything in harmony; this will help explain your business easier to the new prospects. Some MLM business owners use technology as a tool to help clarify their methods of operation. Your game plan is not always going to be fool proof; it should be flexible like the wind. You may need to change it, due to a new training method, incorporating a new policy or technology. If this happens to you it is important to update your plan before the next meeting or event. Outdated information or lack of information can have a rippling that may set your company back. NULL You can look over your plan during the weekend, during the week or anytime that you can spare. Your plan may include benefits, compensation, awards, leadership levels, general information about the company, etc. This plan could be in a digital form, where you can make changes to it easily. PowerPoint presentations are the most common and effective media to present your plan to a group of prospects. You can get more specific with individualized videos, audios, PDF’s and much more and visitors can download them directly from your website.

You can have a public plan and a private plan for your downline. These two different plans offer only one difference, the public plan is a little more generalized than the internal plan.

It may not be suitable for all companies to use two different game plans. You can give away the public plan as brochures, leaflets or as a “business card”. Your plan needs to be consistent across the board, meaning one person should not be following a different plan than the next. Unless they are in a leadership role but that falls under compensation and generally is explained in the overall game plan for recruiting purposes. When you develop your plan for the network to use, the plan needs to be concise and precise with the information. If you use Microsoft word as a processor or some other word program, you can use bullets, sub headers and much more to help clarify any vital information. You can place graphics into the program and other graphics to help breakdown financial income, or some other difficult concept for new members.

The important issue is to keep the plan simple and effective for actual field use.

Try to avoid theories and other untested concepts into the working plan. If you decide to keep a digital copy of your plan, use a thumb drive to save a backup copy too. You can always edit and reissue the plan later down the road, once the theories are proven to be successful or a training method has been approved by upper management.


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