Presentation is everything: Leave a Good Impression by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxPresentation is everything, even online. Making the best appearance is only a step in capturing and retaining a small percentage of your prospects. Before show, there is always a dress rehearsal. Online presentations are easier to manage than ones at a conference; however the buildup is very important to the final product. Come and discover some important techniques and advice to help you pull off a rock star presentation for your business. People are left with an impression that can last for a long time. Sometimes you may only get one shot to leave a good mark.

Make your Presentation the Best it can be

How can you make your business look good without stumbling like a rookie in the dark? It’s not easy, it takes planning, editing, designing, positive thinking and creative will power to get through the doubt and frustrations that may come up. Assuming this will be recorded by a web camera and such, most of the topic can work on and offline with some minor add-ons for the real world. The mind and will power have to be in sync. It’s easy to get nervous, especially if it’s your first time speaking.

Plan the topic for your presentation, draft up the whole idea and flush out the details later. During your planning and designing stage, get your mind into gear. Your positivity will help you continue, doubt will only cause you to stumble and it can show on video. Whatever your platform may be, your hardware should be ready and ease to use. If you’re going online, you can record your presentation and with your web cam and publish to your site or through a webinar. Preparing your manuscript is another issue that you will face. You can break up on a PowerPoint presentation with side notes to read from or as a long text article.

Smile, relax its show time

After everything is prepared for the recording event, make sure you’re completely ready. Live events are very difficult; many people suffer from stage freight. Pick out a nice outfit, have it ironed and pressed. Eat something light, and run over your presentation quickly. Recorded events are easier to manage, you can always redo a scene or section if need be. Stay positive and relaxed. Staying relaxed will be the hardest part, but if you can do so, it can mean less editing time. Practice in the mirror if it helps.

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