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RSMalloryAllow yourself the latitude, embrace confidence and courage, and BE YOU! Toastmasters International is THE largest service organization in the World. Why? Simply because the number one FEAR in the world is………….. talking with, at, or in front of others. Members of TI are Corporate Ceo’s, Plumbers, Secretaries, Senators, Teachers, Authors, and yes, Network Marketers! I would bet my bippy (yes, I am an original SNL fan!) that MOST aspiring network marketers never consider, realize or even think about having to speak with people they do not know, much less with people they DO know!

Understanding that the majority of aspiring marketers (and future leaders) come to us with this fear gives us a big advantage if we know HOW to help these folks overcome their fear.

 NULL Knowing that to many, the phone is a 2000lb elephant and knowing how to help folks overcome that will increase your ability to help others and create your legacy. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) relates the story of a young man who stuttered and how he overcame this affliction (which was really a fear of speaking) by talking to the chickens in his barn. Some of us THINK we have a fear of public speaking but really don’t. I was on the debate team in high school, belonged to a Theatre Repertoire Group doing different plays every month to lives audiences, and years later taught school to groups of 30 little kids at a time. I have also spoken to and/or trained groups of 300, 1,000 and 10,000 people in an audience along with smaller groups in person and on the phone. I do NOT have a fear of public speaking BUT each and every time I know I am to speak with others (in person or on the phone, training or webinar) I get butterflies in my stomach. EVERYONE DOES, and don’t let them tell you they don’t! It is simple really; I always wind up asking myself, “what if I miss something or forget to impart all the information?” Here is THE PRIME SECRET:

“”What if”” is not relevant simply because no matter WHO you are speaking with, THEY don’t know what you missed. The information you are imparting to them is ALL NEW, and they couldn’t possibly know that you missed something!

What does this mean to you and what should you do? ~~Learn your subject ~~Learn how to BREATH and clear your head each and every time you present ~~Study and learn how to use your tools whether webinars, flipcharts, or Webpages” ~~ BE CONFIDENT ~~Use index cards, brain ticklers, memory ticklers, associations and remember

THE PRIME SECRET- “nobody knows what you left out—it’s all new to them”

Every company has their own tools to help you present your opportunity and products. Select the ones that are most comfortable for you and then study and learn them well. Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter if you miss something; your prospect is eager to hear what you ARE sharing with them. Every time you share your particular presentation with folks you will get better and better.

The MORE you share your presentation with folks the faster and larger your personal team/organization will grow

so WRITE DOWN your personal goals and decide how many presentations you will make each day and KEEP TO YOUR GOALS, increasing them as you grow and as time goes by. Be sure to TEACH OTHERS this valuable information on Presentations and work with those who are willing to DO the work! Toastmasters are a terrific organization to join, even if you are already adept at speaking with others. You will learn tips and tricks to enhance your presentations, be able to network AND use your company opportunity or products as subjects for your Toastmaster practice presentations! Another place to practice is to join local organizations and offer to speak for 10 minutes. One of my FAVORITE places to speak is in front of my mirror, AND to record my presentation or training and then LISTEN to it and take notes.

Listen to your VOICE, listen to the CONTENT, listen for what you MISSED and FEEL the energy so that you can make your next presentation better.

Remember, ‘”nobody knows what you missed”” so allow yourself the latitude, embrace confidence and courage, and BE YOU! You will be great! The only way you can fail is if you do NOT make your presentations. Remember, learn about your company, products and opportunity, and allow your passion to express itself when you speak, and you are halfway home! By the way, all the great Actors and Actresses often speak of butterflies and being nervous, too. Listen to Charlie Rose any night he is interviewing Actor Luminaries and you will find this out! You are in GREAT COMPANY! RS Mallory Compassionate Marketing Copyright ©2012 RS Mallory


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