Procrastination Is A Killer by George Madiou

The #1 thing that will kill ANY business is Procrastination! This holds true, especially for a Network Marketing business.

Procrastination kills productivity, success, project completion, credibility, advancement, business, and oh yes, relationships. Procrastination is a habit, a bad habit!

I have been the publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine for 15 years. We have had over 200 contributors to the magazine at that time. When I write my column, I know the direction I want to go, on any topic for a new issue because I am the one who has chosen the monthly topics (over a year ahead of time.)

As I am writing this article, I just had a conversation with one of our great contributors. He apologized for submitting his article so late. I told him that it was no problem it was well worth waiting for and far better than not being able to share his wisdom with our members!

What was funny is, with this issue on Procrastination, I have had this same conversation with many of our contributors for this month.

I explained, even though our contributors get from us a “Request For Article” 3 times the month, before the next issue, (and each email has at least a year and a half topics that they can get a head start in advanced) we get the majority of our articles the week before publication.

If you haven’t read the feature articles in this month’s issue, (September 2020) you’re in for a treat. I have personally learned so much, I’m sure you will too.

I was going to touch upon many of the points brought up by this month’s contributors but I’m not. You need to glean the wisdom from my colleagues.

I am going to leave you with this, Procrastination is a killer!

Procrastination IS a habit, a BAD habit.

Procrastination can be overcome like any other bad habit.

Being aware of what you are procrastinating on is the first step of getting rid of your bad habit! As Nike says, JUST DO IT!

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