Professional Inviter by Tim Sales

Tim SalesCD album by tim sales Here’s Tim Sales’ claim:

If you’ll follow these easy, step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to invite anyone to a network marketing meeting, to listen to a conference call, to look at an online presentation or a video/ DVD… even if this is your first day ‘on the job’… even if you have no prior sales experience… even if you’ve been thinking of quitting.

Just a tad arrogant…? Nope. That would mean “making claims to unwarranted importance or consideration out of overbearing pride.” Well, Tim Sales is very proud of the Professional Inviter package- and he should be. It’s BRILLIANT! And you’d expect no less from the guy who created the most watched presentation tool in network marketing history, Brilliant Compensation (a DVD of which is included as part of this package).  NULL Playing the network marketing version of Lost- i.e.; you’re marooned on a dessert island and you can only have one training tool with you- you could not have better thanProfessional Inviter. (Btw, where do you go to find prospects in that situation? Pray to be rescued by the MLM Cruise ship, I guess.) All joking aside, this is one of the best training programs ever made, and the only reason I say ‘one of’ instead of ‘the’ is because I haven’t heard them all. Tim is a methodical man from the military mode: drill, drill, drill… test, test, test. So, literally everything he shows and tells you to do in Professional Inviter has been field tested in full combat prospecting gear with a 117 pound pack of objections on his back. It works. Tim’s proved it. In the field. Where it counts. Many, many times. I won’t get into Tim’ philosophy here. Read the feature in this issue The #1 skill you must know and you’ll get all that.

I will simply and strongly RECOMMEND Professional Inviter in the most glowing terms.

The highest of the many high points in this training package are the recorded live calls Tim makes AND his instructional voice-over commentaries. Tim’s in action- with real prospects in the real world in real time- then, he adds play-by-play explanations of what happened, what he did and didn’t do and… why.

The result is the clearest and easiest to understand network marketing training/learning you’ve ever experienced…

… unless, of course, your sponsor took you by the hand when you first started and for weeks you two went everywhere together as she successfully brought dozens of people into the business and sold tons of products and showed you exactly how to do it, too. Is that what happened with you…? If not, that’s what listening to Professional Inviter is like. Step-by-step, Tim walks you through the ‘Inviting Formula, pausing frequently to make sure to get what just happened and why, so you can do it, too. It’s not my place to guarantee it (Tim’s already done that just fine), but I’m convinced everybody who listens (and I recommend doing so at least twice) to Professional Inviter will have a real, significant and quick increase in their competence, confidence and comfort at successfully employing the single most important skill of all… inviting people to take a look at what you have to offer. Your success in this business truly will be all down hill from there.

Professional Inviter

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