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BeckySpiethDid you realize that you can have it all… profit on purpose, keep and develop relationships with value, and be successful at what you do best?  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to profit at your network marketing business doing what you like doing? When you plan each day, shouldn’t your focus be to be true to yourself and business? Each day ask yourself is this:

  • “What I Like Doing?” (Pretty WILD concept, huh?)
  • “Fulfilling my purpose?”
  • “Profitable?”

Unfortunately, many network marketers focus on “busy-ness” and not “business”. Focus is taken away from the income producing activities and placed on other matters or activities that I like to call “trivial pursuits”. Look at your schedule. Are the things you are investing your time in really important, are you neglecting relationships that you value, do you spend time on things that are nurturing as well as moving you closer to your intentions, do they “really matter” in the large scheme of things? NULL

The inevitable outcome from following “trivial pursuits” are disorder and exhaustion… not profit or fulfillment of purpose.

In order to profit on purpose, it requires vision and focus. Have you ever looked through a pair of bi-focals? They assist bringing the vision, of those wearing the glasses, into focus by being able to see things close up as well as far away, without needing to change glasses.

As a network marketer, trainer/coach and a woman, I know the importance of being able to focus clearly on what is happening right now in business as well as what is yet to happen… to create a clear vision and success formula devoted to profit and purpose.

I encourage you to ponder and focus where you are right now in your business. Do your daily activities in life and business give you energy, do you have areas you would like to enhance, what relationships would you like to create or grow deeper, whom would you love to work with, develop or support? Now… with those same glasses, focus on the future of your business. Picture yourself at the end of this year. What do you see? Look into the future… let’s say a year from now. What do you look like in your mind’s eye? What dreams do you see yourself accomplishing personally, professionally, spiritually? Is there anything you can do in preparation to realize your intentions for tomorrow… today? A simple success formula for you to reach your goals/dreams and intentions is simple to put into place. All you need to do is to identify what the dollar amount you need to make is. Break it down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily amounts. Identify how many people you desire to join your success team both personally and as a team each week and month. Break that down into appointments, bookings, presentations and prospecting activities. Let’s look at the first step to the success formula: $Amount of Money Desired ÷ # of Months = $Amount of Money Needed to be Earned a Month $Amount of Money Needed to be Earned a Month ÷ $Average Income per Show = # of Shows per Month ÷4 = # Per Week

(This is also a key to retaining new business partners. It helps them determine their physical /cash purpose for their business and how to achieve it. However, do not neglect to connect it to an emotional why- a heart connection, to increase their success and longevity with your business.)

Now that you have identified what you desire and what you will need to do to achieve it, let’s talk about how can become WILDly successful. It’s simple, ask yourself if this is: “What I Like Doing?”

It is proven that you will be able to implement and put into action, right away, what you like doing best. (This is also a key component to success… taking immediate action!)

Have you asked yourself what that could be for you? For me it is producing income, spending time with those that mean the most to me and fulfilling my life purpose. Isn’t that what is ideal about our profession? Did you realize that you can have it all… profit on purpose, keep and develop relationships with value, and be successful at what you do best? Now is the time for you to flourish in your business. Network marketing is a $32 billion industry in the United States and $110 billion industry worldwide. In a recent study, 84% of Senior Fortune 500 Executives say they would like a job with options to let them realize their professional aspirations, over half say they would sacrifice income to make this happen (but no need to with Network Marketing… they can supplement their income for a “little extra” or replace their existing income.) Most of these same executives question themselves wondering if the sacrifices they’ve made have been worth it. Think of the gift you could offer them. What is stopping you? All you need to do is be in love with your company and be passionate about what you do… you won’t be able to contain it. It would be unfair not to share.

Be practical in the implementation of your success formula plan. Relationships are the core of our life and business.

Be sure to bring value, fun and enjoy just “being together”. Determine that you will meet your intentions of your success formula. You can do this by getting creative and thinking outside of the box. Here are just a few suggestions:

    • You can work whenever YOU choose
      • Challenge yourself to bring in income every day in December, make a plan & implement it
      • Keep in mind that your bills won’t stop coming in for the holidays… so why should your business and income stop?
    • Maximize your time, effort & profit
      • Multi-host events
      • Super-size with Bonus Offers
      • Create something special with an “individual twist” for a host of an event
    • Keep all of your business building activities “on purpose”
    • Be prepared and intentional on business… but keep it enjoyable
    • Prepare materials/ packets in assembly line and bulk fashion
    • Take action now
    • Offer scheduling incentives
    • Have pre-printed invitations to hand out to prospects, as well as make available to success team members to share, for upcoming events
    • Take advantage of holiday/ family get togethers
    • Implement strategies to have your kit work for you, even when you are taking the day off
    • Gratitude is so important – really value those you are doing business with and hope to do business with
    • Listen for a “pain point”… find the need… and fill it.
      • Example: Men’s Un-Shopping Get Together for men who hate to go shopping for holidays
        • Supply a Heart’s Desire List to take the guess work out of gift selection
        • Offer Complimentary gift wrapping (this is hated as well)
        • Offer to come to their workplace to share this service with friends (increases your networking connections and prospective clients)

Be sure to celebrate! This is another important component in being WILDly successful. It will refresh and invigorate you.

Today… you have been given the gift of 24 hours. This time has been carved out specifically for YOU. Nobody else will have a day like yours. With it will come aspirations and renewed strength given only to you. Bring real value to these moments and be sure to enjoy them as you work your success formula to profit on purpose keeping in mind – What I Like Doing.


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