Promoting Ourselves And Our Business – it’s an age old concept! by RS Mallory

RSMalloryThe future growth of network marketing and business building is linked to the past and the values of old time entrepreneurs What can we learn from an old time Pharmacologist? My Dad owned an old time Pharmacy for over 30 years spanning the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 1960’s’. It was an old Liggett Rexall store with a lunch counter (with spinning stools), a candy flow and greeting card flow, and myriad products other than aspirin. In those days medicines were hand made from herbs and nutrients with a mortar and pestle. When I was a little girl I spent weekends and days off from school in Dad’s “store’” where I learned how to count change for a dollar and count it back with a smile and a “thank you”. I watched Dad and my “Uncle Mack”, his assistant as they took the time to welcome and engage everyone who entered the store. I was amazed to find out that my Dad and Uncle seemed to know all about their customer’s families, their health situations, life cycle events, weddings, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs and more! NULL Over the years virtually all these folks came back to my Dad’s store over and over and so did their children when they grew up. When my Dad retired I used to get phone calls from some of his customers asking about him and wanting to pass on some family information or other or even asking for a referral!

My Dad knew the secret of retention was building relationship with his customers, learning and serving their needs, and doing it BETTER than anyone else (and with a smile!)

What, you are asking, does this little story have to do with our June topic, Promoting Ourselves and Our (Network Marketing) Business? My Dad and those of the generations before and after him through the 1960’s knew and PRACTICED the secret.

They knew that in order to create a large, successful business following, with loyalty, they would need to practice good customer service, create and build relationships for long term retention that would sustain years and even generations, and that a little honest caring would serve them well.

My Dad served his customer base by giving 150% and then a little extra. Birthdays were acknowledged along with sadder occasions, a little extra on the lunch plate for someone who looked hungry, 10 minutes to listen and visit, and my Dad branded himself as THE place to go for medicines, lunch and more importantly, a warm welcome, another secret ingredient to successful retention. The future growth of network marketing and business building is linked to the past and the values of old time entrepreneurs like my Dad. When we take the time to become more and are willing to give a little more than the value expected or paid and then continue to do so, our business grows exponentially. We must never forget that these sound business principals serve both traditional business and Network Marketing. If we practice these fundamentals whether building our network or customer base, they will serve us well. Relationship building is an age old concept and one that will ALWAYS serve us if we take the time to find out our future business partners’ needs and goals, evaluate and help them use talents and skills they may already have, teach them the new ones they will need specific to our opportunity and let them know that we are invested in THEIR success. Brand yourself as someone who truly cares about others and has an expertise or specialty, develop a track record, embrace and employ these time honored values and you will make an impact and value add to your LIFE as well as your business! RS Mallory


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