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Ted HenryTools and Tips for efficiently promoting you and your business while building relationships! The all time best-selling book on Human Behavior states the following: “Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor.” What does that mean? Well, it is just about impossible to be the expert to your family and your next-door neighbor. The problem is that they have seen you take the garbage out in your underwear! So how do you promote yourself in the business world! Ah Ha –there is the Million Dollar question!

The absolute best way is to have someone else promote you! But you may need to do something to actually be worth promoting!

So let’s talk about branding yourself in your business. 30 years ago promoting and branding your business was a rather expensive project… mailing letters, mailing postcards, advertising, and newspapers were all mediums to get a message about you and your business but could easily break the bank especially if you were just getting started. NULL

Today the Internet and Technology have made the whole process much easier. Unfortunately most people still don’t understand the basics. BASIC #1 You should own your own BASIC #2 You should have your own website! Let’s talk about Basic #1 You should be running out right now and buying your own! You might ask – Why should I do this? Great Question! Because you are in business for yourself! You should be branding YOU and STOP “branding” Yahoo and Hotmail and, Comcast and Gmail! They love you for giving them the free advertising but are you in business to BRAND THEM or BRAND YOU? Have you ever gotten an email from your Network Marketing Company? Is it from [email protected] or So and so Of course not… so why is your Business email from [email protected] or [email protected] or whatever? Let’s talk about Basic #2 Here is a simple reality – The face of business is changing – No longer do we rely solely on the mailing of information packets to build our business. No longer do we rely on Fax-on-demand. No longer are audio cassettes and video tapes the tool of preference to provide information.

You and I live in a world of Technology – We live in world where we can instantly provide information with a downloaded Mp3, websites and Live Online Conference rooms. As soon as you come to understand just HOW POWERFUL this simple reality is your business will change forever.

SO let’s bring this reality to you and your business! When you hear about something, some business, some new product, a CD, a car, a concert… whatever… where do you go look to learn more about it? The Internet, True or True!? You probably go and GOOGLE it! When you talk to a prospect where do you think they go to learn more about your business? As soon as you are off the phone or conference call or LiveOnlineMeeting platform – They are going to do the SAME thing you would do, they are going to GOOGLE! 98% of them are going to look for a reason to either: 1. NOT to join you – to debunk anything that was shared with them about the business. 2. Find a reason they should join you – to verify the information. So they are going to go online and Google your business and see what others have to say – true or true! OK follow me here… Do you think they might just go and Google YOU? Do you think they might want to look to see what they can learn about you?If you are the type of person that has the similar values they have in life, similar dreams, and goals. OH yes… I promise they do. So in the process – what do they find? Anything? Nothing? So here is Basic #2 – Your Own Website!

If you don’t have a website BRANDING YOU then you are NOT really in business!

You are in business for yourself – it is YOU, Inc. You are an independent business person. Oh, you might be working with or offering the products from the Blahbadiblah Company, HOWEVER – people are going to make a decision to join the business or purchase your stuff because of a relationship with YOU. Look, I am going to say this to you one more time. If you don’t have a website “BRANDING YOU” then you are not really in business! This is not the company replicated site! So here is a resource that I personally use. Go to This site offers Great Discounted Pricing on Domain names. Cheaper than just about anywhere I have found! I got the reseller on this about 9 years ago to assist my group in getting an inexpensive, reliable resource to get Domains and get a free website builder that is very easy to use – you don’t need to know HTML code or anything like that. Your Personal site does not have to be the most professional site in the world to start off. Just make it real, make it you! Just share about yourself, your business philosophies, your dreams and goals, how you assist people, perhaps something about your team and the support they offer. Put some pictures on it, personalize it so people know you are real! Let me share one more VERY, VERY Important thing about YOUR Personal WEBSITE! THIS SITE IS NOT TO PITCH the Company or products! Oops – Say What??!?! Let me repeat that – This site is not to pitch the company or the products!

The primary purpose of this website – your personal website your site is to assist you in building relationships with people! NOT TO “SELL” your business – rather to sell you!

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make is going for the ONE STEP SALES Approach! There are laws in Nature and they apply to all aspects of your lives. The Law of Sowing and Reaping is this – 1.YOU PLANT 2.You CULTIVATE 3.Then you harvest. You can’t plant something and immediately harvest it! It is a violation of the law of nature and it just doesn’t work. Think about yourself – How long did it take you to make the decision YES I am ready to get started in my business? Chances are it took weeks or months of looking, learning, and researching before you made the final decision to GO! No one proposes marriage on the first date –people need to get to know each other, develop trust and respect for each other… build a relationship. The same applies to your business. There is ONE MORE really important element for your site… BUT there is no more room in this article so you either wait until next time or check out my blog! Ted Henry VP of Development and Training


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