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paul morrisTo earn more you must learn more. Ten ideas to act on NOW that will help get your name out there and cause your business to grow. Promotion isn’t just something… it is everything! No pro, no grow. No promotion no locomotion.

So what are you really promoting? You are promoting YOU! You are branding yourself by branding your name.

You want people to know who you are… you want the whole world to know your name. Ask your upline who is conducting daily or weekly conference calls to have you speak on the conference calls. It will get people to hear your name mentioned in a leadership capacity. People will start to know who you are. Chose an email address that has your full name in it so that people get used to seeing your name when they check email and see an email from you every few days. Email addresses such as golden boy or scooter pie or superman may sound cute but when someone wants to get in touch with you they may not remember your moniker and not know how to email you. NULL Find stories and famous quotes to email to the people on your list so they get used to seeing your name. Get business cards with your name in big bold letters in the center of the card. Many people put their business name in big letters in the center of the card and then put their name in small letters in one corner.

You want your name to be the most noticeable thing on your business card.

If you are in a meeting and you exchange cards and the other person or persons place your card in front of themselves they will be able to glance at the card and see your name in case they had forgotten it. Use your name in any URL you may have with any MLM companies to which you belong. If you are a member of the abc Vitamin company and you get a self replicating website choose as your URL Promote YOUR NAME. I see lots of URL’s that are or or any one of a dozen different health related words… what good does that do to promote you? None at all.

You want to promote your name so use your name in any URL’s.

If you are emailing to a list and people recognize your URL they may say, “Hey, I know that guy I will call him” instead of the several other emails they may have received that day. Send out a monthly News Letter with business building tips and great stories so that people will want to forward your email to all of their friends, and of course have you name all over the News Letter so that people get to see your name in print. Give a talk to a group and have someone tape record it and also Video Tape the talk. Then make a hundred copies of the CD and dozens of the DVD’s and pass them out as your business card when you meet people. This will start to make you famous. Of course have your name and contact information on each CD and DVD. Prepare a 15 minute talk about something of interest to the general public. Make it a topic that will allow you segue into a short commercial for your product. Topics such as why you should buy organic food instead of commercially grown. Then talk about mineral depletion of our soil and mention you have a great nutritional supplement. Talk about travel tips and how to pack light and save money when traveling and then segue into a pitch for your travel program. Talk about the rising unemployment and how to be valuable to your employer so they will want to keep you and / or talk about writing a good resume and how to network for a job; and then segue into how to earn money from home while waiting to get their next job. (If there will ever be a next job offer). Perhaps a talk on how to use Facebook and Twitter to promote their business online and then show how you use it to get prospects for your business in hopes they will be interested in your business. Next, check the yellow pages for listings of all Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs, Exchange Clubs, Chamber of Commerce offices and mail them or call them and offer to come and be a guest speaker for one of their weekly or monthly meetings. They are starving for good speakers and will invite you to speak at their next or future meeting. Be discreet and give a talk with items of value and don’t make it sound like a sales pitch. Check with the meeting host to know your limits and be prepared to collect cards from those who want more information and have a brochure or DVD for those who ask for more information. I used this method years ago and was booked solid for a year as club presidents and members referred me to their friends in other clubs and organizations. Whenever you achieve a new award level with your company, send a press release to your local newspapers. ABC Vitamin company is proud to announce that John and Mary Smith have just achieved the Director Level with their company. John and Mary Smith have lived in Small Town, USA for the last 10 years and are the parents of three children who attend the local public school. As independent distributors of the ABC Vitamin company John and Mary market a line of products that will help you look and feel younger and have more energy. (Include your phone number if they allow it). Attend local B2B (Business to Business) networking events and collect as many business cards as you can while passing out your cards. Come home from the event and add them to your list and start dripping on them. Warm them up first by dropping them a friendly email saying that it was a pleasure to have met them and when it is time to buy a home (or but insurance, or a car etc.) you will contact them. You may want to use a system like constant contact to stay in touch with them as this also allows them to opt out if they are no longer interested in hearing from you. But if you always, along with your sales pitch, offer a great joke or story that they can use they will be glad to keep receiving your emails and may even forward them to their lists. Order ball point pens with your name, telephone number and email address printed on it and always have a few in your pocket ready to give away. When people decide they want to call you they have your number right in front of you. You can also offer a small calendar that can be stuck to the wall near their phone or at their work area. This will have them looking at your name everyday all year long.

So YOUR NAME is one of your valuable assets. Make sure everyone know your name and knows how to get in touch with you.

Get an easy to remember phone number. Get one that spells your name if available. For years I have had 877 PAU-LMORris so that my friend will never forget my number. I say just dial 877 Paul Morris, the phone will be ringing by the time you dial the first R. Keep your old phone number if you move. You can have it kept active at the local exchange carrier and forward it to your new number or cell phone. I moved four years ago and kept my old number and get calls every month even almost 5 years later from old friends who still only had my old telephone number. This whole process goes both ways. Make sure you get their name and stay in touch with them. Get a robust web based email service such as Gmail or Yahoo. Never use the email address that comes with your job or your ISP. If you leave that job or move out of the Comcast or COX area, you lose your email address and none of your old friends can get in touch with you. Register for PLAXO so that when any of your friends change their email address your address book will be updated instantly and so will theirs if you ever change any of your contact information. Join MLM associations such as the DRA and the MLMIA and attend their annual events and get to know other industry leaders. Put together some good material of interest to the average networker and offer to be a guest on their conference calls. Check for Radio Talk shows that discuss Network Marketing and offer to be interviewed. Another great way to ge
t well known is to become a contributing author of articles for Network Marketing newsletters and magazines. Write a book and self publish it, then you can be introduced as an author. To earn more you must learn more. I trust you have learned a few ideas that will help get your name out there and cause your business to grow.


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