Proper and powerful prospecting is crucial for success in network marketing. by Jack Zufelt

Getting a prospect on the path to joining you is a very important skill.

It is important to know what they are thinking and what they need if you are going to A prospect’s journey can be uplifting or annoying.  It can be interesting and fun or frustrating and a waste of time. How they are approached and followed up with determines what they experience and whether they join forces with you.    

All prospects start out ignorant. They do not know about the benefits of the products or the potential to create more income with them. They generally don’t know about the track record of the company, its corporate, or the upline leadership. Their journey begins when they are introduced to these things. What happens next determines how that journey turns out.

Many times, prospects have wrong or limiting viewpoints about the business side of the industry. 

Often their paradigm about themselves and what they have to do is not good. They sometimes think that they don’t have what it takes. You often hear them say, “I’m not the sales type.”  

So, the first thing the prospect needs to have put in front of them is an appealing “lure” that will get their attention and cause them to be interested in the products and to consider the business. So, their “journey” begins with the first contact with the distributor.

How that is done is crucial. The prospect’s journey always begins with an interest in getting invitation to try the products or learn how to generate more income with the company. This is called prospecting and everyone needs to get good at it.

The next step of their journey is to try the products and join you to get started on making money with the great products you have introduced to them.  

If the prospect has been approached properly and has caught the vision, they will desire to learn what they must do and be. You and the company leaders will be the teachers.  Be mindful of this truth….

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Jack Zufelt
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