Prospecting – Approaching Strangers Part Two – Cold Market by Paul Morris

paul morrisA lesson on fishing:

If you want to catch fish, you have be where the fish are.
If you want prospects, then be where the prospects are.
I’ll tell you where they are not…
They are not at home watching TV with you.

So, step one is to get out of your house!


Start with your own neighbors who you have not met. Start walking through the neighborhood after dinner or early in the morning. Smile and say hi. Introduce yourself when the opportunity arises, don’t stop them if they are jogging they may be keeping track of their time and they will resent you for it.
Offer to walk your elderly neighbor’s dog.
After a while take different routes to meet more neighbors.
Attend events, join groups, start your own welcome wagon.
You don’t go fishing in a mud puddle. You don’t catch big fish in a little pond.

To catch the larger fish you need to go to a larger pond with a river flowing through it.

 Attend the local church men’s group Annual Pancake Breakfast
 Attend the Fireman’s Annual Summer Barbeque.
 Check your local paper for coming events.
 Attend local craft fairs. (Most people there are entrepreneurs.)

To catch the BIG FISH you go to the ocean and go deep sea fishing.

 Join your local “Toastmaster Group”, it will help you sharpen your speaking skills and you will meet lots of business people.
 Take a Dale Carnegie course. Again, you will improve your skills but you will also meet a whole bunch of people who are very serious about succeeding in business.
 Join your Local Chamber of Commerce. Attend their Networking Parties. The requirement is that you arrive with 100 of your business cards and are required to pass them all out before you go home.
 Join a local church group. However, don’t prospect in Church!

Now here is the real secret for FISHING. I have heard many seminars on how to catchthe big fish, however one day it donned on me, we don’t want to “catch fish”… we want to be the FISH that everyone is trying to catch! If you are Friendly and become genuinely Interested in others and are Sensitive to their wants and needs and have a Happy attitude, then you will be the FISH that everyone want to catch (be with). So go where the fishermen (prospects) are and BE the FISH everyone wants to be with.

Use the FORM Method with your cold market:

Here is a memory jogger to help guide you in any conversation with a prospect when you have the time to engage in conversation:



Pay close attention to their answers to your questions. Their answers will be their reasons WHY to do join your business.


 Spouse working; they may want to be able to work from home or
 Leave their job to start a family

If they have children… you could mention
 Private School
 Hobbies – Extracurricular activities – Field trip
 College education (If I could show you a way to send your children to the college of their choice without draining your savings account, would you be interested?)

If they are girls you could also add
 College expenses
 Wedding expenses (If I could show you a way to give your daughters a beautiful story book wedding without even touching you current savings, would that be of interest to you?)


 Do they like their job?
 Are they stuck in middle management?
 Concerned about layoffs?
 Feel there is no room for advancement?
 (If I could show you a way that you could double your current earnings and be in a position to leave your job in the next twelve months, would that be of interest to you?)


 Do they rent a cottage at the beach one week out of the year?
 Do they go to the mountains for their annual vacation?
 Do they rent a boat while on vacation?
 Do they take vacations?
 Would they like to be able to take vacations?
 Would they like to take more vacations more often?
 Do they attend live football or baseball games?


 Mention the price of gasoline.
 Food prices.
 Kids sneakers.
 Stock Market.
 The pathetically low interest rate paid by banks on savings accounts.

All of this information helps you have a more effective approach when you ask him or her, the famous question… “If I could show you a way to…
Send those kids to college without having to tap into your savings, would that be of interest to you?” or

“If I could show you a way to give that daughter (or daughters) the fairy tale wedding of her dreams without tapping into your savings account would that be of interest to you?”

Doesn’t like his job… “If I could show you a way to earn more money in your spare time than you do full time… would that tempt you to tell the boss goodbye?”

Rents a boat while on vacation at the lake… “If I could show you a way to buy your own ___________(sail, motor, ski) boat and go boating on the weekends anytime you wanted to would that be of interested to you?”

“If there was a way that you could pay cash for season tickets to your favorite team’s games, would that be of interest to you?”

“If I could show you a way that you could take the entire family, children, spouses and grandkids on a 9 day Mediterranean Cruise next summer, would that be on interest to you?”

As soon as you get a yes answer to any of the questions you go ahead and set up the appointment (but do not call it an appointment), call it a ‘time to get together’ and explain how they can earn money with this program. At this point you can set a time to take them to your website and show them a website presentation, or schedule a time to meet at a restaurant or hotel lobby and conduct a ‘two on one’ with your sponsor present do a ‘one on one’ if you are confident, but if you are at this stage you are working on your own by now. Always try to close, but realize for some people it takes 4 to 6 exposures so never leave the meeting without a time to get together again or for you to a call them. Do a three-way with your sponsor, get them on a conference call, take them to a webinar, give them a CD or a DVD. Stay in touch until you close them or they say flat out no, and thenbyou still stay in touch with them if they look like a good prospect.


Let’s move into another situation. This is for situations where you may not see this prospect a second time and rather than work on developing the know, like and trust relationship with them, you go in for the appointment and give it your best shot.

Let’s say that you are in clothing store, you’ve purchased a suit, or maybe a couple of shirts or some neck ties here’s a couple of Do’s and Don’ts.

Don’t prospect the person while they are waiting on you. Because while they are waiting on you, they’ve got the deference, they’ve got the positional authority. They’re the ones in charge. They’re the ones controlling the situation because they are in control. They’re the sales person. So, what you need to do is terminate that relationship before you prospect them.

Now, you may visit with them, you may talk to them and ask them do they have kids, and this and that. Find out if they are a family person, what their occupation is. But when you get ready to prospect them you’ve got to terminate that relationship. So wrap up this conversation by saying… (you should know their name already, but if not) say “by the way, what’s your name?” Bill. “Bill, I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated the good service. This good old-fashioned service is difficult to find these days. You’re a special guy, Bill. I just want to let you know, how much I appreciated the service you gave me. I’ll be back soon. I’m sure I’ll be needing a few more neckties and shirts in about another month or two, I’ll make sure that I stop by when you’re on the floor.  All right, see you later. Take care. Have a good day!”

You now turn your back to Bill and start walking away. I mean, you turn your back so that he can see the back of your left ear and your right ear and you take a few steps away. That psychologically terminates the existing relationship where Bill is in control. You then, while heading towards the door, pull what I call the ‘Colombo approach’. The Colombo approach is you sort of freeze in your tracks and you slowly turn around and then you step back toward your prospect. Now, you have established a new relationship, and now you’re in charge because you are the one who initiated this new relationship.

You say, “Bill, I’d be a little remiss if I just walked out of here without asking this question. I’ve just been so impressed with you and…. well, I just have to ask you this question. Obviously you’re doing well,” (you never want to imply to anybody that you think they need what you have to offer. They’ll be offended and they won’t relate to you. And they won’t want to join your program.) So what I like to do is say, “Obviously, you’re doing very well, however, if I could show you a way that you could make an extra $1000.00 (adjust this to what you believe will get their attention) dollars a month in your spare time, without interfering with what your currently doing, would that be of interest to you?”

Or you use the approach that if you found out about their children, “If I could show you a way so that you could put all of your children through college without touching your savings, would that be of interest to you?’ And follow through as we discussed previously.

Well, we’ve covered it all. We’ve gone from cool market to cold market, to ice-cold market; from casual acquaintances to total strangers. The whole thing is that what we are teaching you right now are principles of success and when you implement them, will work for you. You now know how to APPROACH STRANGERS.

What I would like to do is encourage you to put into practice, what we’ve talked about in this article. This is the real stuff that works in real life. I’m not talking theory. I’m talking about exactly what I have done to build organizations that have numbered 50,000 to 60,000 to 100,000 to almost a half  million people all in very short spans of time.

These are the same basic principles that I’ve taught to people, that have gone out and have earned millions of dollars utilizing these exact same principles. You have all the tools right now; so go forth and use these techniques to become financially Independent beyond your wildest dreams.

Paul Morris
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