Prospecting… For What? By George Madiou

The answer is YES! So, let’s break that down.

The reason that I am doing a self-evaluation this month on the subject of Prospecting is because someone with that track record should understand the importance of Prospecting, right?

Let’s start four years prior to this business journey. I graduated from New York University with a degree in Marketing and Management and went straight into business.

I started several businesses, a few at the same time. By the time that I was 24 years old I owned a Wine and Liquor store. One of the off shoot businesses that I started was as a result of not being able to find a supplier of reasonably priced signs for my store. Our sign business was instrumental in drawing customers and prospects in our geographic area that had a half dozen competitors. Those first businesses were a great hands on experiences.

Of the 37 businesses that I’ve owned, I would love to say they were all huge successes, but that would not be truthful. Actually, 30 of those businesses most people would refer of them as failures. Yes, some of them really hurt. Looking back, I realize those incredible learning experiences earned me my Doctorate Degree in Business (from Madiou University!)

Some of the successes were great adventures. I learned an amazing amount in every business. Besides the wine and liquor store and the sign business I was a partner of a commercial Real Estate business. My wife, Debbie, and I moved to Florida and bought what turned out to be one of the largest swimming pool service and repair businesses in the country.

Wow, do you mean I don’t need to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory? I don’t need to be responsible for dozens of employees. I don’t need to pull permits from the government. Let me at it!

My background in those 37 businesses gave me a perspective that was missing from many leaders in the business. I knew that 90% of the people who had a “job” wished they could have a business of their own. 85% of people who entered this industry of Network Marketing never owned a business!

An online publication called The Network Marketing Magazine! This month, we have delivered 221 consecutive monthly issues launched on time, the first of every month for over 18 years! What does that have to do with this month’s theme of prospecting?

With a major emphasis on CUSTOMERS for whatever we were selling! It is the heartbeat of business. If it were not for customers, a business would only be a non-profit hobby.

We are proud to be the #1 International Network Marketing Resource in the world! We are dedicated to helping educate the one third of the people who enter into our profession and are willing to learn and apply the success skill sets in their business.

Why International? A member can learn from the best of over 300 contributors with over 4,000 articles as if they were part of your “upline.” Contributors like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Russ Devan, Max Steingart, and so many more.

Why affordable? We lowered the price of the is resource (yes you get access to all 221 issues) to only $9/month!
As stated above, we realize that only one-third of the people who have a desire to succeed in this business are willing to invest $9 in their business!

Why do we give bonuses? Because it’s ALL ABOUT PROSPECTING! As a result, we want you and your team to succeed in a big way. So, this is what I’ll leave you with for your team’s success.

I’ve arranged a fantastic bonus, the highly effective LinkedIn training “Endless Free Leads,” which sells for $279, absolutely FR.EE! This is the program that teaches you to find the right prospects and customers for your business! Yes, you heard correctly. You will get this with as little as a $9 monthly Membership! Use this special “BONUS” link to join our success movement for you and your team.

Here’s to your success! Now you have an answer to Prospecting… For What?




George Madiou
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