Prospecting Strangers by Using the F.O.R.M. Method By Paul Morris

Prospecting Strangers by Using the F.O.R.M. Method
By Paul Morris

Use the FORM Method with your cold market:
Here is a memory jogger to help guide you in any conversation with a prospect when you have the time to engage in conversation:



Pay close attention to their answers to your questions.

Their answers will be their reasons WHY to join your business.

• Spouse working; they may want to be able to work from home or
• Leave their job to start a family

If they have children… you could mention
• Private School
• Hobbies – Extracurricular activities – Field trip
• College education… “If I could show you a way to send your children to the college of their choice without draining your savings account, would you be interested?”

If they are girls, you could also add
• College expenses – (Same as above)
• Wedding expenses… “If I could show you a way to give your daughters a beautiful story book wedding without even touching your current savings, would that be of interest to you?”

• Do they like their job?
• Are they stuck in middle management?
• Concerned about layoffs due to automation?
• Feel there is no room for advancement?
• “If I could show you a way that you could double your current earnings and be able to leave your job in the next twelve months, would that be of interest to you?”

• Do they rent a cottage at the beach one week out of the year?
• Do they go to the mountains for their annual vacation?
• Do they rent a boat while on vacation?
• Do they take vacations?
• Would they like to be able to take vacations?
• Would they like to take more vacations more often?
• Do they attend live football or baseball games?

• Mention the price of gasoline.
• Food prices.
• Kids sneakers.
• Rising Interest rates.
• The pathetically low interest rate paid by banks on savings accounts.

Now, do not ask your prospect ALL the above questions, it will look like you are interrogating them.

Just ask one or two until you find their hot button or their ‘reason why’ they would desire to have extra earnings.

All this information helps you have a more effective approach when you ask him or her, the famous question… “If I could show you a way to…

If they do NOT like their job… “If I could show you a way to earn more money in your spare time than you do full time… would that tempt you to tell the boss goodbye?”

If they rent a boat while on vacation at the lake or beach… “If I could show you a way to buy your own ___________(sail, motor, ski) boat and go boating on the weekends anytime you wanted to would that be of interested to you?”

“If there was a way that you could pay cash for season tickets to your favorite team’s games, would that be of interest to you?”

“If I could show you a way that you could take the entire family, children, spouses and grandkids on a 9-day Mediterranean Cruise next summer, would that be on interest to you?”

As soon as you get a yes answer to any of the questions you go ahead and set up the appointment (but do not call it an appointment), call it a ‘time to get together’ and explain how they can earn money with this program.

At this point you can set a time to take them to your website and show them a website presentation, or schedule a time to meet at a restaurant or hotel lobby and conduct a ‘two on one’ with your sponsor present do a ‘one on one’ if you are confident, but if you are at this stage you are working on your own by now. Always try to close, but realize for some people it takes 4 to 6 exposures so never leave the meeting without a time to get together again or for you to a call them. Do a three-way with your sponsor, get them on a conference call, take them to a webinar, give them a CD or a DVD. Stay in touch until you close them, or they say flat out “no”, and then you still stay in touch with them if they look like a good prospect. If you sense they are getting ready to say no, you simply say, “I can tell the timing is not good for you right now so let’s stay in touch and we can revisit this when the timing may be better.” Always turn a potential “no” answer into a “not now” situation and then stay in touch and look for a point in time when they may be ready.

*(Note please refer to Paul’s article on “Prospecting” in the May 2016 edition of the Magazine)



Paul Morris


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