Prospecting is the Life Blood of Your Business by Jim Britt

Jim BrittIf they believe you, if they buy you, they will find the money and spend the time.

If you are in network marketing and you are not prospecting your are not in business.

Prospecting starts with understanding that there are three things your prospect doesn’t care about. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about your product and they don’t care about your opportunity. Understanding this is the first step to effective prospecting. The very first decision they make is whether to buy you. They buy you first! And if they don’t buy you, they won’t take a look. So how do you make yourself more appealing to your prospect? Prospecting is defined as “to search for or explore.” First is understanding that prospecting is not about getting people to buy your product or join your business. NULL

Prospecting is the process of sifting through and finding those with “interest” and those you are interested in. Sponsoring comes later.

There are five steps to effective prospecting: The very first thing you must do is to gain their attention and interest, not drive them away with a lot of chatter. When you meet a new prospect you start by asking yourself these important questions. How do I connect with this person? How do I get their attention? How do I make a friend? How can I help this person? How do I discover their wants and desires? In fact, if you go out each day with the attitude of “what can I do to help,” you’ll find plenty of prospects. Just try it for a day. Go out and meet as many people as you can and try not to mention your opportunity. You get their attention by paying attention to them, gathering information and discovering how you might help them. Qualifying is next. Do they have a desire to change? Do you want to work with them? Are they someone with whom you are willing to invest your time and efforts, and work with to build a business? If they don’t want to improve themselves, start a business, earn more money, why waste your time?

You are not running a nursery school. You are not in the business of trying to convince someone they need more. You want people who want more and are willing to step up and work for it.

Look for people with character traits that you would want on the board of your company… goal driven, entrepreneurial, self starter, business minded, ready to act now, decisive, success mindset. You don’t want passive, wishy-washy, close minded or worries about what others think. This is not what you are looking for is it? You are running a business. You don’t need people you have to convince to get involved. If you do you’ll have to also convince them to go to work. Why waste your time? Next is the invitation to look. Remember, you are not asking them to join anything or buy anything initially. All you are doing is asking them to take a look and listen to your story. Most actually talk the prospect out of looking. I’ve heard distributors invite people to look at their business much like this. “My company is debt free! My sponsor is making a ton of money! Our product is the best on the market! My company offers the best compensation plan in the industry! You really need to get involved! You could make a ton of money…and so on. Question is, what does any of that have to do with your prospect’s needs? Nothing! And while you are rattling on about all those great things they’re thinking “he’s trying to sell me something… how do I get away from him.” If you can invite well, you can always put prospects in front of good presenters at a meeting or have them view a video or web site to hear the story. The word invite is simply the act of asking someone to do something… a favor… view a video, a web site, etc. Next is facts. What is it? What are you selling? This is where you tell the story. This is the information step. This is actually where they preview the video or your web site that tells the story for you.

Remember, you are not the message. You are the messenger. In other words let the tools do the talking for you!

And last, and certainly not least, you have to create value one that offers specific benefit to them. Prospecting isn’t rocket science! It’s simply getting to know the person and their needs and desires. Just like a first date, you first qualify to see if you even want to go on a date. You wouldn’t propose marriage on the first date, would you? You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and say, “I’d like you to join me in business so I could invest some of my valuable time working with and training you,” even before you got to know them, would you? All I’m saying is to relax and get to know them first. Find out their needs, desires, wants, what pain are they feeling and how can you help to solve their needs. I really hope you spend a lot of time learning how to prospect. It’s the life-blood of your business. It’s getting to know people, learning to invite to look and give you a response. You are just looking for a response… yes I’m interested or no, I am not interested. That’s it. Prospecting is not the enrolling part. The only thing you want initially is for them to take a look and let you know their level of interest. Your greatest asset will become your ability to pick viable prospects. And I’ve not found a better way to teach how to spot a good candidate than just plain experience.

Look for those that are goal driven, entrepreneurial, self starter, business minded, decisive and success mindset.

Avoid the passive, wishy-washy, not ready to act and worries about what others think. This is not what you are looking for is it? You are running a business. You don’t need a bunch of people you have to convince they need more. waste your time? For example, let’s say you approach a prospect and they tell you they don’t like network marketing, what do you do? Most would spend time trying to convince them why they should like it. Here’s my answer to that question. “I don’t like network marketing.” Fine, John, I know it’s not for everybody. Who do you know that would like to earn some serious money? I’m building a powerful team and we are going to make a ton of money. Do you know of anyone? If no, move on. Next! You want people who are ready to change their circumstances and earn some money. You don’t want to waste your time trying to convince someone they should make more money. How well you prospect will greatly depend on your communication skills… on your ability to ask questions and listen. It determines your ability to sell yourself, meet strangers, start a conversation and build a relationship. The are signs along the road that the city uses to communicate with us, giving us driving instructions. That’s called a pointer. Anyone can point. Someone trying to sell before they have established that the prospect has a need, is called a talker, not a communicator, and your prospect will run the other way.

Most network marketers have difficulty with communication, because they over talk and under listen. Communication is what makes or breaks you in business. It is the true art of network marketing.

Remember these simple guidelines of prospecting: #1 People are looking for reasons to join your team… money, leisure time, etc #2 People are looking for reasons not to join your team. Everyone is selective about where to spend their money and time. They are looking for the best value for their time and money. The three biggest objections you’ll get is no time, no money and the biggest objection, and the one they won’t tell you is they don’t believe you… or they don’t buy you first. And if they believe you, if they buy you, they will find the money and spend the time. For more information on Jim Britt’s work and some free webinars: www.PowerOfLettingG For more information about Jim Britt’s work:!/JimBritt1


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