Prospecting Principles by David Nelson

Author_21381DavidANelsonProspecting requires planning. It takes time to do it. It requires an intense desire inside your chest that causes you to do what most others will not do. Really! The Essence of Prospecting What Prospecting Is — Prospecting is contacting “suspects” and identifying potential business partners and/or product purchasers. One networker defines it as, “simply letting people know who you are and what your opportunity or products are!” Prospecting is the crucial component in the sponsoring process.

If you don’t prospect, you don’t sponsor!

Prospecting requires planning. It takes time to do it. It requires an intense desire inside your chest that causes you to do what most others will not do. Really! Prospecting is about dreams! — and perhaps even needs! To be successful in finding good prospects, you must be systematic and consistent in your contacting and inviting. NULL {Suspect — option, possibility, opportunity, chance to be a prospect.} Prospecting is the process of sifting through people. You visit with people trying to determine if there is the opportunity of establishing a win/win relationship. As you visit with the “suspect,” you qualify him/her. It obviously takes a listening ear on your part.

You make a determination if the “suspect” is a legitimate prospect for your opportunity or products. If not, you don’t desire to start a relationship, and you disqualify him/her.

You may have heard the expression: “Some Will! Some Won’t! So What? Next!” Prospecting is the activity of seeking the ones who will, the ones who want to. Don’t get discouraged when many of your “suspects” don’t want to do the business with you. Don’t be discouraged if many of your “suspects” don’t want to be a customer. It’s okay. Just don’t let them steal your dream. If your white-hot desire is burning hot enough, they won’t. The Keystone to Success — Prospecting is definitely work.

Prospecting is the keystone to success in NWM, and the single most important activity in creating residual income!

Diligent prospecting ensures that you have sufficient numbers of qualified “suspects,” or real prospects. There are many ways to prospect. A few examples are telemarketing, advertising, personal contact, Internet activity, direct mail, and referrals. It’s wise to use a combination of prospecting methods in order to build your business. Your success in NWM is based upon your skill and ability to prospect, and your commitment to do the activity itself. In short, you contact, qualify and then invite people to participate in your opportunity or to use your products. You Must Prospect — Prospecting Is the Backbone of Your Business Don’t Hesitate! Get Started! — NWM is a people business and in order to do the business, you must contact and invite people to the opportunity and/or the products. There is serious money in prospecting. Prospecting is the only way to the time freedom that comes from earning a NWM residual income. Simply stated, you must prospect, and keep prospecting to create a successful NWM organization. So, get started, or if you have begun, congratulations, keep prospecting. It’s important that you prospect on a regular basis. If you do the business full-time, you should prospect on an almost daily basis. As a part-timer, you should prospect on the days that you have set aside to do the business, and any other reasonable opportunity that presents itself. Make prospecting a habit. Be alert! Be creative! Be genuine! Have fun! Be a proactive prospector! Prospect with enthusiasm, excitement, and sincere interest! Many people want the benefits of NWM, but are unwilling to prospect. They find it an uncomfortable activity.

Contacting does not have to be uncomfortable! It depends on what your goals are and what your expectations are.

When you really believe in your NWM program and/or in your product, and have a big enough goal, you contact and invite people to the opportunity and product. There is no other way to NWM success. If prospecting is uncomfortable for you, find ways to make it more comfortable. Often it’s a matter of getting a good script, or even better, some knowledge about NWM and YOUR opportunity and products. Invest time in getting prepared and it becomes easier. It’s also a correct principle that when you do something, it gets easier for you. It’s not because the thing you are doing is any easier, but it’s because you develop your skills and abilities to do the activity. That’s definitely true with prospecting. You need experience. You need skills and knowledge. Get Help to Get Started — A great way to get started with prospecting is to have your upline help you. Once you develop the list of “suspects,” get on the telephone with your upline and do three-way phone calls together. It’s as easy as you making the call and this introduction, “Hello, Bob (prospect). This is Linda (new distributor). I have just started a new business. I want to introduce you to my partner, Sam Jones (upline).” After the introduction, the upline takes over the call to show how contacting, qualifying, and presentations are made; and this becomes an “on-the-job” training call in a real prospecting situation. After a few phone calls on which your upline shows you how to do the calls, you must do them on your own to learn how to prospect. Often it’s easier for you to do your initial calls by yourself, as you will be more comfortable without Sam (the upline) listening. If you want him on the call, he should be more than happy to be there.

You must do prospecting calls by yourself if you are to really learn how to prospect.

Prospecting and Sponsoring Is a “Numbers Game” Numbers • Numbers • Numbers — NWM is a “numbers game.” Some people think that a numbers game is a bad thing. Calling this a numbers game is not intended to be negative in any way or imply that NWM is illegal. This simply means that to sponsor an average number of people, you need to contact a lot of people. If you want to sponsor a great many people you need to contact great numbers of people. In building a large NWM organization, you don’t do the building by yourself.

Prospecting is a seeking, sifting, and sorting process.

You are looking for the right people. People who are interested in the opportunity to improve their lives financially or people who want to have better health and vitality. Your task is not to convince people that NWM is a great opportunity, instead, it’s to share it with those who are searching for an opportunity with a desire to act upon it. The Law of the Harvest — The law of the harvest is well-known by anyone in agriculture. Most people understand the basic principle of the law. A well-known verse states it so plainly, “Be not deceived; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” A contemporary description of the principle is, “What goes around comes around.” Yes, you truly reap what you sow. This is true for life in general, for work, for play, your family relationships, and yes, especially for NWM. There is no free lunch!

There is no harvest without appropriate sowing — it is an immutable law.

Applying the law of harvest to prospecting and sponsoring means this: a little activity produces little results; a lot of activity produces lots of results; massive activity produces massive results; and no activity produces no results. So, play the numbers according to your financial circumstances, your schedule, and your goals, dreams, and needs. It’s worth the effort! Tips and Guidelines for Qualifying Prospects The following are some tips and guide
lines to help you in qualifying prospects: Qualify and Save — Before sending costly materials to a “suspect,” qualify him/her as a prospect.

Smart networkers won’t send information until they have spoken to the person on the telephone.

When responding to an ad or direct mail piece, if the “suspect” does not leave a telephone number, you have no prospect. If you can’t get a phone number, don’t mail information. Use your resources wisely! When prospecting on the Internet, it’s important to obtain the phone number of the prospect so that you can develop a personal, voice relationship. You must get beyond just email contacting. Perhaps you want a prospect to “jump through a hoop” before you mail something. They must visit your website, or get on a conference call, or whatever you decide the hoop is.


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