Psychology plus Technology to Grow Your MLM Business by Bill Ganz

Bill GanzSuccess on the Internet today is more about “imagination than application”.  What is the most important element of your website? It’s really not even your website at all. It is a part of your psyche.

It’s your ability to understand your potential customers better than your competition.

“People treat us the way we teach them” It is essential to understand this when attracting an audience to an online web initiative. Understanding Social Media is understanding empowerment. Empowerment comes from listening and being able to ask a question. Today the answer is the question. Success on the Internet today is more about “imagination than application”. The difference in psychology in a Web 2.0 and Social Media environment is: Interested verses interesting. You must be interested verses attempting to be interesting. Anything online or offline without a relationship is SPAM! Systems today are the problem because they front load blank customers that don’t translate into buyers. NULL There are many products that do support duplication and replication that are better, faster and cheaper than anything in the history of the MLM industry. So many companies fall victim to competing with their competitors instead of asking or knowing what their customers are really looking for or what they are thinking. In an industry where the customer pays the company to sell their products and bring their customers to the company – the question is – Who is the customer? Internet and Social Media Marketing today is all about empirical data. The philosophy of “Empower your brand don’t think” comes from understanding relevance and keyword and phrase marketing on the Internet. Would you rather take the traffic given to you by the search engines from millions of potential customers looking for your brand, product or service? Or would you rather go out and try and find them somewhere on the World Wide Web. Inbound marketing is about a philosophy called Velocity Marketing.

Velocity is defined as; Direction + Speed = SUCCESS. If you first, determine your direction – second, understand your audience – then begin the campaign, you are already in a winning posture.

With all the different forms of Social Media today, manufactures and service providers can get raw uncorrupted pre-analytical data real time straight from the consumers. This is called C to B – Consumer to Business. Social Networking, blogs, podcasts and wiki’s allow the business to see the collective consciences of their customers or constituents in a particular industry or Social vertical. They, as consumers, build an outward facing profile to display all their interests and adversely their dislikes. This is called psycho-graphics. People today use the Internet as a brutally honest real time tool. This bio-demographical information is collaboration between the business and consumer. This process is called Business to Consumer modeling or B to C – harnessing the brand evangelist.

Social Media is allowing for a whole new understanding of pre-analytical customer’s psychology that smart businesses today are tapping into.

This model is called Consumer to Consumer communications or the “presumer”. The “presumer” is a customer before they are a customer based on profile data from Social Media sites. And the only place you can hide today is in the public. Transparency is imperative to understand and social profile is the best way to control public opinion. It is easy to monitor groups in a Social Media environment where customers give you user generated media and raw real time data about their likes and dislikes. This is also a great way to put tools in the hands of brand evangelists or industry experts that will make your product viral via the web. Online real estate is a very different psychology for understanding businesses. In an offline world, real estate would be based on geography. This would affect price point, decision making, availability, etc. In an online world, all of your customers are just one click away from competitive pricing, availability, technical specificity and the gossip about up and coming products and products to look out for. This makes for a very fickle consumer that is totally empowered with decision making and the ability to self-educate for their own user experience.

The site or web based initiative must be very targeted with a specific call to action (CTA). Making it easy to understand and buy a product or service, is mission critical. Sites also should focus on the unique selling point (USP) and the value-add of the holistic customer, as it pertains to their lifestyle and customer interests.

You do not need all the glitz and hoopla of Hollywood to make your website a financial success. You do need to understand your potential customer’s psychology. How they think and why they think that way.

  • How useful is my website to my potential customer? One of the biggest errors businesses make in Copywriting their website is to tell the world about what they do vs. how they do it and how it benefits their customers. Take a read of your content and ask yourself, “Is this something my customer needs to know and is it written in beneficial language?”
  • Is my content written in web language? Remember the web is there to provide “quick” answers to people’s questions, or solutions to problems. With the vast amount of data to sift through, Internet users have become extremely impatient. When writing for your website try to keep it brief and to the point. Don’t let your message get lost in long complicated sentences with ten dollar words. Just like this article, bullets are a great tool for quick data gathering.
  • Is your website up to date? Outdated promotions, broken hyperlinks, no longer valid information will chase viewers away. It will also very much effect your profile index rating and work against your trafficking from the search engines ranking perspective. This is a common occurrence for all companies from small to medium businesses all the way up to enterprise.
  • Do I need outside help? Developing a Social Media or Portal Platform with the appropriate language can be a daunting task. And that’s after doing the research. Good web content writers can be worth their weight in gold. They make sure your message is precise and simple in a language that is clear to your visitors and motivates them to take action. Developing and establishing a cultural message for your platform is critical.

This is where Bill Ganz, Internet Psychologist and Social Media Coach, can help you achieve your goals. With over 20 years of award winning experience in all disciplines of multi-media and a team of professionals who will make your potential customers visit to your website or web portals a memorable experience and one they will want to visit over and over again. Bill Ganz and his Teams can produce your total targeted and action oriented website. In the ever changing and very fast paced world of the Internet it takes more than pretty to achieve end goals, it takes a well developed team that is constantly in touch with your potential customers. So the next time you think about adding all the pretty flash and “it’s about me” copy to your website, give Bill Ganz and his team a call. You will have taken the first step towards a well developed website and financially successful Internet presence. Bill Ganz President/CEO FastTrackTM Online Marketing, Inc. a MORE Media Group, Inc. company


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