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Mary K WeinhagenFour steps to encourage others to promote YOU! It’s August and we’re talking about PROMOTION! So I got to thinking, what needs to be done in order to get people buzzing about what we have to offer? In other words, maybe the best promotion is done by others spreading the word! So how do we go about that? Let’s keep first things first… just getting the word out. We’re not talking about those who have already expressed interest in our product, service or opportunity. So let’s consider a few things about the way people seem to work and how you (and that includes your business) can stand out in their minds… we’ll take it in four steps: First, Be Interesting! Your company’s history? I’m NOT interested! Your product specs? I couldn’t care less! NULL

How many others are joining your opportunity or using your products? What’s that got to do with me? Your anecdote… what problem did it solve for someone like me… the way you add comfort, health, safety, attention to me… an outrageous act of kindness… a surprising giveaway? Now you have my attention. And I can’t wait to share that with my friends! It really doesn’t take a lot to be remarkable. A local yoga center threw straws from a parade float, the bendable kind. Their logo shows a person doing a back bend. They put the image on the bendable part of the straw so you make the image bend. It was simple, yet hundreds of people were remarking on it.

Second, People Want to Be Happy. Support that! Now I’m not saying it’s your job to take responsibility for other’s happiness. What I am saying is keep in mind there is one thing all people crave no matter what their age… and that’s being treated well. That makes us happy! So be known as the person who treats everyone well. Listen when they speak, develop an open, welcoming attitude of caring. And pay attention to them and their needs and let that be the only thing you need. Third, Earn Trust and Respect This seems so obvious as to not need mentioning yet I want to point something out… sometimes , if we’re not paying attention, our very lack of attention will erode any trust or respect that might have been present. So pay attention, tell the truth, and follow through with what you say you will do and be that consistently and with awareness. And finally, Make It Easy There are two aspects of this to consider. Of course, when you have addressed the three things mentioned above, you’re making it easy for people to promote you. So do and be that. The other aspect is finding a super-simple message that defines you and can easily be shared. I mean seriously simple (and easy to remember), think one sentence you could put on a magnet… or a tagline on a blog. Heck, when Steve Jobs returned to ‘save’ Apple in 1996 he didn’t talk about great software or stable operating systems. Nope… it was pink and purple computers! So have fun… and promote away!!! Mary -If you’re able to be yourself, then you have no competition-

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