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Mary K Weinhagen5 Reasons Network Marketing is the most powerful way to reach customers As I write this article we’re on the brink of Super Bowl XLVI (who uses Roman Numerals?!?) I know there are a lot of football fans out there, eagerly looking forward to the ‘big game’ here in the U.S. In addition to the football game itself, many people look forward to… THE COMMERCIALS! These ads create a buzz… and cost a bundle! I’m not suggesting in network marketing we need look at any kind of head-on competition for customers with Super Bowl ads, but I will share that I believe network marketing is a more powerful way to reach customers on a regular, consistent basis. Here are my top 5 reasons:

1) Network Marketing is about sharing memorable stories in a personal way. We’ve all heard that facts tell but stories sell. It’s true…and it’s why the best Super Bowl ADS become the best… their ‘story’ grabs people. NULL

Yet here’s the thing… the ‘networking’ part of Network Marketing means we get out and meet people, talk with people and get to know them. As we get to know them we learn to see where and how our product or opportunity could be perfect for them. So we share a story that highlights exactly why it could be perfect for that individual. 2) Most, if not all, network marketing companies offer a ‘try before you buy’ so the prospective customer can experience the products or services for themselves before they make the commitment to buy. Just that fact alone is buzzworthy and likely to inspire them to share this good news with their friends. 3) Network Marketing can grab a potential customer’s attention in a variety of ways. Whether it’s from an immediate need for the product or service itself or a need to save or make money, network marketing provides multiple solutions, as a result, creates more customers. 4) The appeal of owning and operating a home-based business can’t be underestimated in terms of drawing more customers. The fact that an intelligent entrepreneur knows it’s just good business to become their own customer along with the low start-up cost for this kind of business, the customer base expands through a natural expansion of the business itself. 5) And finally, the power of leverage that’s built into all aspects of this business model makes it easy to build a customer base. As stated above, when you offer free samples you increase the likelihood of a new customer and even better, that free sample experience is frequently shared by the new customer with their friends and family. When a customer’s experience is good they naturally want more… and most will be delighted to discover they can receive the same product for a lower cost by becoming a preferred customer or distributor themselves. In other words, they’re sharing the good news and either bringing you new customers or bringing them to themselves. Either way, everyone wins.

And that is a BONUS REASON – because in network marketing… everyone wins! Have a fabulous month… why not go out and tell that story to a few more people right now! Mary K ¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:- ¸.·´ .·´¨¨)) ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:- -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* Light EXPECT MIRACLES!

-If you’re able to be yourself, then you have no competition-


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Mary K Weinhagen
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