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that I especially learned when I was a single mom (for fifteen years), raising four kids, without any outside financial help, and without any family members around. I knew without a doubt that I needed to be strong, unwavering, clear-headed, and focused, so my children could learn (by example), that if anything unexpected happened, we could find solutions and work it all out.

The most important lesson I wanted to teach them, was to never quit.

Did I feel like quitting? Yes many times, but because I got out of myself and focused on my kids and their future outlook, any thoughts of quitting left me in a hurry, because I had created my “WHY” and “PURPOSE”, and it was Absolutely HUGE.  It was my strength to carry me through anything. I was determined for my kids to become successful, responsible adults, by doing my best to be a good example for them.

When my kids were young, I wanted to teach them about setting and reaching goals, and started them with “The Blue Books”, (binders that were colored blue filled with daily check-off worksheets) and created daily things they could do to earn money.  Since I didn’t have a lot of extra money, I created over twenty-five things they could do each day, and they earned one penny per item checked off.  Items included picking up toys, reading a book (having an older sibling read to them counted for both of them), brushing their teeth, and small easy chores for them to do (age-appropriate).  The big reveal was at nighttime when we would group in the living room right before bed and go over “The Blue Books”.  I was also teaching honesty, and would even ask to smell someone’s breath to see if they really brushed their teeth. (No one wanted to be caught telling a lie because then I would take pennies out of their jar.) 

My children are now in their 30s and early 40s very successful on their own and those that have children, are incredible parents. My oldest is now a grandparent.

When it comes to having a home-based business, the same type of application applies to raising your own kids or raising animals, or someone else’s children.  You’ll be surprised by the simplicity of the secrets to setting goals and keeping them through this list:


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Christine Campbell
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